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App Store Optimization tips for iOS App Developer


There are over 1000 apps released per day on the app store. It’s a challenge for getting your app discovered among million of apps which are available on the app store. As a matter of fact, the apps that used keywords in the title rank 10.3% higher in the App store than those that didn’t use keywords. Out of all the apps downloaded and used, 63% of the apps are found by users browsing for apps in-store. These statistics implicate the importance of app store optimization for your app to gain traction. Following are tips for App store optimization which will help you increase the discoverability and downloads of your apps.

Title and Keywords

To improve the discoverability of your app, you need to know which keywords are relevant and most often used by your target audience while searching. You should place the relevant keyword within both the title and the keywords of your app. The App Store has a 100 character keyword field and you have to stuff your keyword within this character limit. The keywords will help in deciding for which search strings your app will show up for.


The description of your app plays a key role in App store optimization. You have a limited space to make your app store optimization keywords count. The first five lines in the description will be only visible to the users initially, for reading the detailed description they have to click on more. You have to write persuasive information about your app which could list the features of your app and build interest of the users to make them download the app.


The icons must have a visual appeal to stand out of the clutter of apps available on the App Store. The app icon should have a unique design and ability to catch eyeballs. App Store has predefined standard for icon size which is 1024 px X 1024 px. The Apple OS will resize your image to the size for icon (180 px X 180 px), navigation icons (66 px X 66 px) and tab bar icons (75 px X 75 px).

Screen Shots

Screenshots may not directly impact your search rankings on App Store but they may increase downloads. The App Store allows you to upload up to 5 screenshots for an iOS app. The screenshot should depict user benefits and are representative of the user experience of your app.

Ratings and Reviews

Getting positive review and ratings for your app will lead your app rank higher in the search. For this, you need to provide an option to the users to directly land on rating and review page on the app store. In case your users are not happy with the app experience then you should provide a feedback option which reaches directly to the app developers rather than landing on the App Store.


A higher search ranking on in-store search depends on more number of downloads for your app and number of positive ratings & reviews and lot more. Even though you don’t have direct control over these factors but considering the factors discussed above you can largely influence your audience to download your app and give your app positive ratings and reviews.

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