Android Wear vs Apple Watch

Android Wear vs. Apple Watch – Trending to Emerge as a “WOW” Factor for Your Wrist!!!

Technology has literally reached our hands now; wearable technology is rapidly emerging to be established as the new big thing in the market. We have observed fitness trackers becoming eminent and gaining a lot of popularity, replacing other accessories and making place for smart jewellery, while the bigger brands are all watching upon this technical trend.

Smartwatches are increasingly becoming the hottest trend all across the globe, while they are certainly becoming fashionable and stylish choices amongst the young and aspiring tech lovers. These watches carry most of the stuff that your smart phone is capable of doing, irrespective of which brand you actually use.

Apart from the names you take, such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony, and LG all are Android-based products being sold, while at the moment Apple is enlisting them all with its Apple Watch.

Smartwatches are considered as the most glorified technology of the year. While the Google’s Android Wear has been around since a year already on the other hand Apple Watch is a novel entrant in the market.

So, here the question arises which one of the two, Android or Apple wrist watch would add a spark to your wrist????

The two are different products and so are their features, strengths and prospective, while the functions of both remain similar.

1. The Smartwatch Function

Talking about the functionality, these smartwatches function with two basic things in mind, while primarily notifying the user and tracking the activities. Both Apple and Android watches perform these functions really well. But if we talk about the number of notifications then Apple undoubtedly offers the highest from the two because they all are third party apps. However, on the other hand, Android offers robust texts, emails and calendar options.

2. User-friendly

Once you purchase and try to use these watches in the first go, there are chances of getting lost in the endless options they offer.  However, most of the people are found tapping, swiping and toggling through the various options as and when they get accustomed to these watches.

You will relatively have an easier time with the Android wear because of its simple layout. The entire concept is powered by Google that runs pretty much all the time, making it easier to pull out any information at any point of time.

Apple Watch is like an endless learning session, the more you’ll use it, there would be a lot more to explore through. Once you start using it, you would gradually start falling in love with its power and capacity. It is undeniably better, flowing and steady.

3. The watch Layout

There are many who swear about the spectacular technology of the Apple wear. However if you talk about the layout of the watch; it truly catches eyeballs. We really are a little unsure about the Apple’s bulky rectangular design that might look much like a burden on your wrist.

But, the Android Wear on the other hand has been given a thumbs-up from our end, owing to a pretty smart design and look, making the watch look presentable and appealing at the same time. The android watches are not so massive.

However style is a very personal choice, people have various feelings and might like any of the two because of their individual reasons. At the end of the day it’s definitely about performance over the appearance that is a must feature to talk about.

4. Price Factor

No matter what, this is an aspect we have to follow, until we are given a choice!

Apple customers always belong to the premium category in the market; even if you opt for the cheapest Apple watch in the market. The prices are evidently more in terms of the average budget anybody decides to buy a particular gadget, but yet again if you are the no bars for luxury kinds, then why not!

Android watches are much appealing, both to your eyes as well as your pocket. Price is one aspect in which the difference between Apple and Android is quite crystal clear, so the decision is entirely upon you, weather you choose from the high end premium materials offered by Apple or the big name apps in the android products.

What do they actually do?

If we start talking about their importance in life, then they are certainly helpful in terms of getting lot of your work done, while the most beneficial aspects are:

*You would just not miss any important messages.

*No more phones distracting you in the middle of anything important, while the notifications are very much handy now! 


As we have already discussed the choice would be highly dependent upon you, your budget and largely over the Smartphone you use.  There is no doubt about the Android watch working fine with the iPhones, while the Apple is just going to pair with your iPhone, certainly.

But if we compare both the watches independently, there are plenty of variations, look out: 

Apple Watch

1. Finer design and an upscale layout

2. Premium material used in abundance

3. Amazing software

4. Luxurious appeal

5. Hi-end pricing 

Chart Apple Is Already Dominating the Smartwatch Market Statista

As per the recent research undertaken by Strategy Analytics post launch of Apple Watch in April 2015, there has been a spectacular rise of 457% in the global smartwatch shipment, hitting a record of 5 million units in Q2 of 2015. Apple Watch captured a market share of 75%; thus leading and standing high on first position.

Cliff Raskind, Director at Strategy Analytics, said, “Global smartwatch shipments grew an impressive 457 percent annually from 1.0 million units in Q2 2014 to hit a record 5.3 million in Q2 2015. It was the smartwatch industry’s fastest ever growth rate. Volumes in the second quarter of 2015 were higher than for the whole of last year, when 4.6 million smartwatches shipped globally in 2014.”

Apple Watch Captures 75 Percent Global Smartwatch Marketshare in Q2 2015

 However, in the 3rd Quarter, Apple stands at 2nd position.

statista chart 3762 wearable device shipments

Android Wear

These are products that manage to offer pretty much everything, starting from looks, feel, texture, performance and much more, being the most cutting edge and competitively priced offerings.

Google has offered its immense and strong support to these products making them extremely user friendly and inclusive while being reasonably much cheaper, dependent upon the one you choose.

In the similar research undertaken by Strategy Analysts, it has been understood that there is a decline of 11% in the Global market share of Android Wear in Q2 of 2015.

Rajeev Nair, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, added, “Apple watch OS and Android Wear accounted for almost 9 in 10 of all smartwatches shipped globally in the second quarter of 2015. Android Wear is getting solid support from multiple major hardware partners, such as Huawei, LG, Motorola, Asus and others. Available smartwatch apps from developers for Android Wear are increasing at a decent pace. However, Android Wear lacks a blockbuster smartwatch model. Without blockbuster models from top-tier Android Wear smartwatch manufacturers like Samsung, the Android Wear platform is unlikely to seriously challenge Apple watch OS this year.” 

Strategy Analytics Android Wear Falls to 11

So, to sum it all, there is no exact answer for this comparison; just get the one you like the most and the one that suits your choice as well as your budget. Keep a track on the locations; get notified all the time, really. Get the best app response and experience and much more, all of this only on your smart watch. Pick the one that suits you today and see the world around you changing and rapidly evolving.