Android Instant App

Android Instant Apps: Is It a Game Changer Feature for App Market?

With the advancement of technology, it’s a time of Android Instant Apps – that facilitates Android Application to run instantly without downloading and installation process. A couple of days back, Google has also announced the feature of Android Instant Apps in the list of Google I/O’s 2016. If you are Android lover, then users can get fast and attractive user interfaces, great capabilities, high performance – Just tapping a URL.

As an Android developer, if the source code of Android App is ‘Modularized’, then it can take a little bit time of setup to make it Instant App. Absolutely, it’s a Game Changer feature of App Market. Android Instant App is a game changer for payment, app discovery, user experience and customer services as well.

Implications of Android Instant Apps for Marketers
Andoid Pay App
Game Changer for Payment: – Android Instant App allows you a special and unique feature via users or customers can conveniently pay their amount without any opens up a couple of services or websites. It provides the convenience in mobile commerce.
User Experience
Delivers the User Experience: – Applications are more engaging and immersive, just because of great UX – User Experience. As per the market survey, 42% users never downloaded new applications due to the functionality of modular. Android Instant App helps in the preview of the applications and users can check it is convenient or not.
Customer Services
Plays an Essential Role in Customer Service: – Using the Android Instant Apps organizations can quickly and smoothly provide the superior customer services without any downloading. It also helps in customer satisfaction and loyalty services.

These are the main implications that directly impact on the app market. The main important thing is that it works on Android Jelly Bean and onward devices with module size is restricted by 4 MB.