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10 Super Awesome Tools for Android Developers!

What makes a good craftsmanship? Yes, inspiration, right time, right conditions… and.. good tools? This is where a good craft can stand out. Good coding craftsmen know that and unfortunately are not always prepared to reveal the tools they use. Mobiloitte’s Android developers decided to change that. Below follow some of the tools we use in the process of developing disruptive Android apps for our clients. Some of them you will be probably hearing for first time. Feel free to try them all as you go. We would love to hear your experience with each one of them.

1.  TestObject

A quite new app with a great concept. A tool which helps Android developers make test scenarios, record them and execute them whenever needed. It works in different environments which makes it great for QA and testers. Free and premium versions are available depends on the size of your need.

2.  Genymotion

Is there an Android developer out there who does not suffer from using the official Google Android emulator? Time to stop that and opt for Genymotion to start seeing the brighter side of life. Genymotion integrates seamlessly with Android Studio and Eclipse (with this add-on). It supports various devices and all Android versions. What makes it great is that you can use it seamlessly for trying your Android app on different screen sizes which is a huge plus for Android development.

3.  GitEye

One of the biggest challenges for Android developers while migrating from SVN to Git for many Android developers turns out to be conflict resolution, version comparison etc. Our Android developers have considered many popular GUI tools for Git and GitEye turned out to be one the best options especially for those who have recently started with Git

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4.  Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a web-based hosting service for projects that use either the Mercurial or Git revision control systems which offers unlimited number of private Git repositories plus GUI for repository management.

5.  Apiary

Many Android developers wish they have known about this tool before. Apiary helps in building beautiful and clean APIs and will save you a lot of time for Backend – Frontend discussion. Android developers know that there is nothing sexier than well documented API (except  Pamela Anderson). A must tool for all projects involving APIs even for those publicly available to make your API well elaborated and documented. Your users will love you for that.

6.  JSONView

A tool which works in the background and ensures that every time a JSON file appears it looks nicely formatted and understandable

7.  JSON Stub

A great way to mockup (fake) your Backend before it is ready and make a prototype of your Android mobile app. It can be used simultaneously by those who work on the client and those who work on the services if the format of data exchange is previously defined.

8.  Gradle Please

Good Android developers use Gradle nowadays to find all the libraries they need.. Combine it with Android Studio and start the magic.

9.  Balsamiq Mockups

One of the best and fastest tools on the web for creating a mockup for your next mobile app or web project. Its integration with Google Drive which makes your mockups available virtually everywhere makes Balsamiq Mockups even sexier. If you care to make an actual prototype without the hassle of coding, then try Axure.


Simply stunning alternative for Microsoft’s Visio. With you can create diagrams collaborate with multiple persons on the same projects and automatically save your work locally or on Google Drive (it asks you even before you start creating the project).

This list does not end here. We invite you to share your secret palette of tools which you use to build mobile apps better and faster

Which one if your favorite from the list above

Is there some of them you heard of first time? Let us know in comments.