Android App or iOS App: Which app to invest in first?

You might be well aware of the opportunities existing in the mobile landscape and might have decided to invest in getting a mobile application developed for your business. You might be in a dilemma whether to get your application build for iOS first or you should get an app developed for Android. You must be confused whether you should be seeking services for iOS app development or Android app development first. Here are some statistics and rationales which will help you take the decision of which platform to get your app developed for initially.

Android’s large user base

Android holds the major share of Smartphone users with approximately over 80 percent market share globally. In 2015 itself, the android users crossed 1.4 billion users mark with average daily 1.5 million android activations. The share of Android OS in US market is 53.3% which is comparatively lower than the global market.

Android dominates the tablet market as well with 70% market share globally. With the advent of wearable technology, android apps for smartwatches have also being developed. There are over 4000 android apps available for android wear. These numbers indicate that android present’s significantly larger user base.

iOS revenue opportunity

In the second quarter of 2016, Apple sold 51.19 million iPhones and 10.25 million iPads. Stats reveal that there are approximately 2.2 million android apps available for android users whereas there are over 2 million iOS apps for Apple device owners. Despite a significant difference between the number of Android and iOS users, the number of apps available on both the platforms is comparable.

The reason for the same lies in the revenue generated by iOS apps over Android apps. By the end of Nov 2013, 63% of the revenue was attributed to Apple Store whereas 37% of the revenue was attributed to Google Play Store.

An average iOS download generates four times the revenue for developers as compared to Google Play. Android OS has a larger share of smartphone market owing to its lower prices as compared to iOS devices. Apple has a large user base in developed nations owing to its higher prices whereas Android dominates the developing nation’s market owing to its cheaper prices. The iOS users are willing to pay more for the apps available on the Apple Store as compared to Android users.


Deciding to release an app for Android or iOS depends on the target audience. If you wish to attract a huge user base for your app to brand your business then Android would offer better opportunities and if you are getting your app developed for generating revenue then iOS presents a better opportunity. Selecting iOS or Android also depends on the geographic location of the users.

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