Offshore Development Management

ODC Model – Why It May Be the Best Business Decision You Have Ever Made

You have plans for outsourcing but terrified about landing in trouble waters for not being sure about which outsourcing model to opt for that can prove favorable for your specific business. Right! I would suggest you to opt for those models that can provide ‘competitive advantage’ along with complete ownership and control. ODC model, also known as Offshore Development Center is one such outsourcing model that can provide effective methods of delivering greater long-term value along with introducing better agility in the field of outsourcing relationship.

Emerging concentration of IT super minds off-shore

ODC model has been a key player behind the success of several companies as it facilitates in developing, testing, maintaining and deploying software offshore. Some of its benefits that are worth considering include:

  • Strategic and value driven approach
  • Flexible staffing with a core team
  • Highly professional team of experts
  • Contractual term commitment
  • Dedicated infrastructure equipped with software and hardware ideal for your business

Permanently competitive in terms of pricing

With an exclusive development center located offshore, things get easy and you can better focus on your core business.

  • Cost effective and does not require high capital investment
  • Provides well managed and low risk operation
  • Provides better visibility, etc.

Leaders in adoption of online communication and project management tools (Gartner 2012)

According to Gartner 2012, ODC model has benefited number of businesses all across the world for outsourcing their work. With such an outsourcing model you can avail world-class project management tools. This model is strategically devised so that it can perform onsite and offsite knowledge transfer facilities. It also offers unique service guarantees in the field of online communication.

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Make your best business decision now by choosing ODC model to fulfill all your outsourcing needs.