PhoneGap Plugins

7 Best PhoneGap Plugins for PhoneGap Mobile Application Development


PhoneGap is a versatile and hybrid HTML5 mobile application framework which has a massive user community and supports mobile application development for smooth implementation.

PhoneGap’s biggest strength is that it is a native plugin compatible which allows PhoneGap developers to use the native code with HTML5 and JavaScript code cross- compatibility. This enables developers to freely code for any kind of mobile OS depending on the methods used to access the functionality the native code provides.

Here are some plugin repositories based on the PhoneGap framework that you can use to enhance the functionality of your app/service:

Push Plugin

  • This plugin helps you to setup push notifications inside your app for the Android, iOS, Amazon’s Fire OS and the Windows Phone 8 powered devices.
  • The plugin helps to send push notifications to the phone/mobile device user, based on messaging services like Google Cloud Messaging, Apple APNS or the Microsoft WNS, etc.

In-app Purchases Plugin

  • The plugin can be used to integrate the functionality of buying app features or to unlock various goodies inside an app like levels, achievements or items inside a game or entertainment based app.
  • This enables you to make freemium applications for the community and add an in-app purchases option for them to consider if they like something.

Dropbox sync Plugin

  • This plugin helps you to add the Dropbox native mobile SDK into your PhoneGap powered apps with the help of JavaScript.
  • This plugin will help users to upload their personal data or app data to the Dropbox server for easy retrieval via cloud access.

BrainTree Plugin

  • BrainTree is a mobile payments provider just like PayPal. You can integrate this plugin for easy payment of in-app purchases or facilitating payments of any kind that your app may require.
  • This plugin is perfect for people keeping an eCommerce option inside their apps.

TestFlight Plugin

  • TestFlight is a perfect solution for inviting and managing beta testers for your app.
  • These testers will help the testers to help you find out bugs while you are busy developing the mobile application.
  • The TestFlight PhoneGap plugin uses the native TestFlight SDKs to help you add rights/permissions to allow/disallow specific app features for the beta-testers to try out.

PayPal Plugin

  • PayPal is mostly used for making mobile payments for physical goods/service purchased or sold.
  • By adding this plugin into your app’s framework you can help the user make cross-country payments via the app architecture for any kind of web service they used.

Web Sockets Plugin

  • Web sockets allows your app to perform a continuous real-time two-way communication thread between the client device user) and the server that is hosting the app’s services.
  • This plugin is very useful for apps that work in real-time apps like chat applications or apps that have to constantly refresh themselves for new content or analytics like Facebook or Google Hangouts.

Most developers use the PhoneGap framework can enhance their app’s functionality by importing developer-made plugins into their installation. Some Cordova contributors have developed a plugin manager called ‘plugman’ that makes the installation of such plugins very simple.

By using such plugins you can easily enhance the functionality of your app and make it more versatile, feature-loaded and user friendly. PhoneGap applications are highly robust only because of these plugins that help you take the functionality of your app to a new dimension altogether!