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6 Great Ways To Discover What’s Trending On The Web


If you are a content curator, blogger or simply want to stay updated with what’s trending on the web or in particular area that matters to you, then you have landed on the right page. What follows below is a list of tools I use to find fresh and relevant news in my areas of interest, research inputs, blogging inspiration and much much more. This list goes well hand in hand with the List of Top 8 tech CEO’s blogs you must follow. Then, let’s start shall we?


trending on the web

This is a one stop for discovering all great news and content related to digital marketing – social media, SEO,  blogging, Content marketing,  marketing networks and everything you can think of. is community driven platform and its members share links they find relevant in exchange for votes which will increase their overall reputation or karma. You can also do the extra mile if you wish – observe and analyse the top influencers, what type of content do they share, from where they curate that content. Once you have discovered their sources put them in your RSS feed and share good and quality content as it appears. Speaking of that I hope that many of you have already put the Mobilloitte blog in your RSS feed.

Trending Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Google +

trending on the web

When Facebook introduced the Open Graph search this also meant the introduction of social search or community driven search. Unlike the organic search on the common search engines like Google or Bing, social search is more powerful, more relevant and most of all content is extracted curated and rated manually by the online community. You can practically find everything you need or news in any industry you are interested in by simple search on Twitter with the help of hashtags. Twitter has also made easier for all of us by introducing TweetDeck, a phenomenal tool that works as an extension on your browser. With TweetDeck you can observe interactions that occur around your brand in real time, news and topic for which you want to be constantly updated all from the same screen and user friendly interface. No need to recommend TweetDeck myself, so many have done it already.


trending on the webTechnorati is industry’s leading blog agregator and probably the best place for content marketers who wish to establish relationship with bloggers and want to avoid wasting time in pursuing mediocre ones. Click on the Top 100 tab and you will get fresh populated list of Top 100 blogs on the blogosphere. From there you can take it forward on multiple ways. You can identify influencing bloggers in your own niche and negotiate a blog post from them or simply see what type of content or blogs are currently trending. If you are ready for some more concentration and analysis, you can visit the Topic tab from where you will see the most searched topic during the last 30 days sorted alphabetically.


trending on the web

According to Wikipedia, BuzzFeed is a website that combines a technology platform for detecting viral content with an editorial selection process to provide a snapshot of “the viral web in realtime. This sounds compelling and BuzzFeed has proven itself worthy in every line of this statement. However,  marketers be careful – you can easily lose your focus and forget yourself in the endless entertaining and media related content that keeps get refreshed regularly. If your sole purpose is discovering news on particular topic, you may need to be careful with this seducer.

Bookmarking services (StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious)

trending on the webAnother fast and efficient way to find out what is happening on the web. It is their task to aggregate the content that is being mostly shared on the social media. I love StumbleUpon the most because it serves me fresh news from almost any topic I can think of in beautiful Pinterest looking home screen. In case you want to find something particular from a certain area or topic just let the service do that with the powerful recommendation engine. Excellent source for blogging ideas and inspiration.


trending on the web

I was one of the many Google Reader users during its era and I used to think that nothing can replace it. I cannot be more glad for being wrong and certainly finding an alternative for this RSS reader was one of the best online things that has ever happened to me. Feedly is just phenomenal. Beautiful and clean interface, option to categorize your favorite blogs by categories and Home page made from fresh brewed news from your topic of interest and even list of recommended blogs to follow. I believe that with the advent of Feedly, many sites have lost traffic on their blogs because I almost never leave the eye soothing interface while reading a good article. I must admit, Feedly is the place from where I got the inspiration for writing a post on this topic. If it works for me it will definitely work for you as well.

Well folks this was my list of services that bring me what’s hot on the web in real time. However the geeky I am I always search for some more tool I could try and experiment. If you know of other ones that help you find what you need which is not mentioned here please shoot us a comment.