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6 Marketing considerations for iOS Mobile Application

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Yes, you know even better than me that marketing your application should start long before you launch your iOS application as with everything else in the theory of marketing. This is another group of questions to be discussed after you have agreed around every issue and product considerations that may arise before you officially launch the application. There is not a lot of flexibility of how applications appear in the iTunes store. You cannot do much of the formatting of the text; the number of the screenshots is limited etc. Hence your creative team must be aware about these limitations in order to craft the best marketing strategy.

These limitations can impose challenges and therefore you must clearly communicate them to your creative team, so that they can start thinking about how to present the new application.  Some of the questions they might consider are:

  • Do they want more polished look glossy look with a link to the application?
  • Do they want to translate the application store into multiple languages (option supported by iTunes)
  • Is the name available on iTunes?
  • Do you intend to trademark the name if it is available?

At this stage you must make up you mind about how you are going to name your application and make sure that that name is already not in use. If it is not, it could be a good idea to get it trademarked so that you prevent someone’s school kid application appearing with a similar name.

There is bit of delicate dance reserving names in Apple store. Once you create an application you have 90 days to upload a binary into the store or you lose the name forever. It may appear that you have a time window between the moment you pick a name until the moment you reserve it. That is why it is a great option to trademark that name.

So far we haven’t encountered any serious scenario concerning name registration in the App Store. If you had such adverse experience, you could share with us how did you manage to resolve it and what did you learn from it.