Mobile World Congress 2016

6 Kickass Gadgets from MWC 2016 You Cannot Miss Out On

When was the first time you used a TV remote, or swiped a card to enter your office? This was your introduction to IoT (Internet of Things). IoT got jargonized recently, and has taken up ominous dimensions for the common man. However, putting it simply, IoT is nothing but hardware embedded with software and sensors, enabling you to do amazing things like picking up your groceries, entertaining your cat, switching off your lights with just a clap, etc.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 was also abuzz with awesome jaw-dropping gadgets and devices that would take away your breath. Read on to sample some.

1. The LG Rolling Bot is a ball-shaped robot which can be controlled through an app from your mobile. The bot has built-in 8MP camera, speaker, microphone and a laser pointer. It has been specifically designed to amuse your pet while you are away. It is the weirdest home robot that you will ever see.

Ball-Shaped Robot

2.  Looking into the mobile screen while doing engaging activities like driving is not just a massive inconvenience but also quite risky. Sony has stepped up the game for Bluetooth headsets with its cool Experia Eye & Ear gadgets. The Experia Eye is a wide-angled camera to be worn in the neck, with a 360 degree lens for capturing facial expressions. Sony Experia Ear is a digitized ear bud that reads out calendared events, weather forecasts, latest news and driving directions directly into the ear. It connects with Android smartphones via NFC or Bluetooth. Both devices are powered by Sony’s voice technology and respond to voice commands.

Eye & Ear gadgets

3. The Moverio BT-300 is Epson’s third generation augmented reality smart spectacles targeted at the enterprise sector. It is specifically designed for museum tours, exploring venues, retail experiences and medical procedures. Featuring a 0.43-inch Silicon OLED HD display with a 5 MP camera, it runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is powered by quadcore Intel Atom X5 processor.

Smart Spectacles

4. ZTE Spro Plus is a smartprojector that uses laser technology instead of LED and projects 300-inch sized images onto a surface. It supports external USB camera allowing multi-party video communications through mobile apps like Skype. The company claims that the ZTE Spro Plus can project images of up to 80 inches across. Its features include an 8.4 inch Android AMOLED display with 2K resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB RAM. Its internal storage is 128GB.
Smart Projector
5. FlexEnable unveiled its flexible bracelet that wraps the mobile phone or a phablet onto a digital wristband. Although a bit largish in size, the bracelet is surely a peep at things to come.

6. CAT S60 Thermal Camera phone is another awesome gadget introduced by Caterpillar Inc. the manufacturer of off-highway, yellow, haul trucks. The CAT Phone is rugged with military grade strength and is waterproof for up to an hour when submerged under five meters. Its coolest feature is its in-built thermal imaging system by the world leader FLIR Systems that enables it to take thermal images from 100 feet away.

There were many more gadgets unveiled at the event. We have mentioned a few that really caught our attention.