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5 Reasons Why Titanium is Perfectly Suited for Enterprise Mobile App Development


Appcelerator’s Titanium is a highly robust and open source development platform that allows developers to create powerful native applications (mobile as well as desktop) using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Currently, the Titanium Mobile SDK is the number one cross-platform mobile development solution being used by developers today, with over 250,000 mobile developers under its belt who have successfully created more than35, 000 apps within Titanium’s framework.

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Titanium Is Perfect For Enterprise Mobile App Development:

1)      Rapid Prototyping

Appcelerator’s Titanium can help “accelerate” the entire enterprise application development process because it allows you to create your solutions in a very flexible way – with a few lines of code in just a few hours! Normally, it takes days to create code and evaluate the code.

It doesn’t matter if you are using native or cross-platform toolkits; Titanium helps you to make a prototype so that the UI can be evaluated according to the user’s interaction to facilitate rapid enterprise mobile app development.

2)      Highly Web-oriented

Since Titanium’s solutions are built within a web service, the web technologies help you create the web service as a web-oriented and optimized solution that is fast, scalable and adjusts itself according to available bandwidth.

For e.g. the JSON format is used for data transfer which is a simple encoding of JavaScript and since Titanium is a purely JavaScript based API, they ‘gel’ together very well! You simply have to assign data coming in from the network to any local variable without having to code any kind of data parsing, extraction or conversion rules at all!

3)      Cross-platform

In today’s world, the “write once, use once” phrase doesn’t work! With Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Blackberry and so many OSes to code for – the need for development to begin with keeping at least two platforms in mind is necessary.

This saves you time, debugging processes and also saves you from the headache of learning two separate languages since Titanium houses all capabilities for cross-platform coding that exhibits a high level of native code reusability

4)      JavaScript

Since Titanium is synonymous with code usability and prototyping, it uses a lot of JavaScript that is a prototype-based scripting language that is highly flexible in structure and usability.

JavaScript is developer friendly and helps new developers with a web development background to easily make themselves comfortable with mobile app development since they already know how to code in JavaScript.

5)      Rapidly Growing community

Appcelerator’s community is growing fast and how! It currently has a highly diverse community of over 200,000 developers from all over the planet who have used the Titanium cross-platform development tool to build more than 35,000 apps with various functionalities

The brand has recently launched a new ‘Open Mobile Marketplace’ aimed to help the developers in buying, selling and sharing modules for Titanium apart from pre-made templates; CSS design elements and extensions for different web services. They have also acquired Cocoafish to harness and implement its versatile cloud services and functionality into the Titanium platform.

The time is now for you to adopt Appcelerator’s Titanium to meet your native and/or cross-platform scripting needs to help you cope up with deadlines, growing client demands and creating a web-oriented solution that matters to the society!

If you get stuck midway, Appcelerator’s growing community will help you out! All the best!