Mobile Application Development with Salesforce

5 Reasons Why Salesforce is Perfectly Suited for Enterprise Mobile App Development discovered Salesforce platform to revolutionize Enterprise mobile app development services especially used for creating Android and Apple iOS apps with varying features depending on their end-users. The growing popularity of Salesforce platform is making it reach the number one position in the list of well-known mobile application development platforms.

Interestingly, its claim to be ‘Enterprise App developer’s only best choice is not fake because it is capable of building amazing toolsets that features integrated development environments(IDEs) like, Heroku, ExactTarget Fuel in one center point.

Is Salesforce really apt for the Mobile App Development? Let’s have a glimpse on the best 5 reasons that can rightly answer this question:-

Faster and Secure:

Salesforce Platform offers trustworthy solutions for enterprises which showcase secure features like last-minute-latest information on maintenance, awareness on malicious or social engineering threats, step-by-step information on safeguarding your data. Also, it enforces mobile apps to work fast, integrated and better.

Integrated & Hybrid Mobile packs:

Salesforce allows customization in building hybrid as well as rapidly prototype Apps that can incorporate with its platform using any of the industry standard web technologies including CSS3, HTML5, Javascript or any other well-known framework i.e. jQuery Mobile, Backbone.Js etc.

Data-Backup and Easy access:

Organizations are often worried and sick about their Data Loss or Data confidentiality and other things pertaining to their historical yet significant record-keeping. Salesforce solves this problem with a whiff. It provides API enabled storage system by using standard REST & SOAP APIs. It enables effective communication between customer’s mobile devices and Enterprise Database. Moreover, it abridges mobile client development by summarizing complex logic within its cloud relational database.

Open source platform with authentication:

Its Salesforce Mobile SDK 3.0 is technologically driven and allows you to create authenticated Apps. It allows the creation of rapidly produced HTML5 web apps, native iOS apps on the basis of Objective-C and Android Apps written through Java.  Moreover, it is capable for cross-platform coding which enhances its native code reusability. It saves precious time of enterprise and after all Time is money!!

Impactful design templates that grows its presence:

Salesforce is known for its CSS design elements and extensions for diversifying web services. It allows easy modifications in the platform base and meet the specific requirements of UI/UX in the mobile app. ‘Well designed leads to well optimization’ stands true here.