Wearable Tech NYFW

The 5 Coolest Pieces of Wearable Tech at New York Fashion Week

Fashion and Technology are always thought to be poles apart but with the advent of wearable technology, the fashion world and the technology world are going hand in hand. Google’s project Jacquard is one of its ambitious project to embed technology into clothes. With its wearable textile, Google intends to not only woo technology enthusiasts but fashion lovers as well. The New York Fashion Week which started off on 7th September 2016 reflects that Fashion houses are serious about wearable technology. The fashion houses are collaborating with technology giants to launch smart and fashionable wearable clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories etc.

Baja East x Fila Smart Shoes

Fila Wearable Shoes

Fila collaborated with West Coast luxe designers to produce smart sports shoes that are fashionable as well. The shoes intend to capitalize on the fast-growing market of wearable fitness trackers. This smart shoe will track and interpret fitness data. The sports shoes are powered by Intel which is another reason for it to gain traction.

TOME smart Bracelets and Handbags

TOME Wearable Bracelet

The New York-based fashion house has paired up with Intel to introduce a collection of smart jewelry. The Intel powered smart bracelets will help the woman stay connected. The smart bracelets will allow to receive alerts and monitor health by activity tracking.  The fashion house has also designed a concept handbag  which detects ambient temperature, toxic gasses, and barometric pressure.

Tag Heuer Connected Watches

Tag Heuer Smart Watch

Intel has a phenomenal presence at the New York Fashion Week where it is showcasing its wearable products and proof of concepts at The Shop.  A limited number of Tag Heuer watches are up for sale at intel’s store.The watch is an amalgamation of style and function which has all the fashion quotient associated with Tag Heuer watches.

Voke VR

Voke VR

One of the transformational change that has taken place at New York Fashion Week is the live broadcast of the show in stereoscopic virtual reality. The broadcast is powered by Voke VR which provides a Virtual Reality Camera and a client app for the Samsung Gear VR headset. This implicates that through Virtual Reality headsets, the NYFW can be enjoyed in a virtual reality experience.

VFILES connected Camo Collection


Mountain Dew and VFILES have teamed up to launch outdoor wearable tech. The collection titled as “Camo out” will have wearable techs like body cameras and personal audio system technology. The range comprises of tracksuits and jackets that can play music as well as baseball caps fitted with a camera. The collection also includes solar-powered backpacks.


The global wearable tech market is expected to reach a substantial value of 19 billion US dollars in 2018. The next era of fashion, “Smart fashion”,will be ruled by technology. The wearable technology is the true mark of the beginning of a digital era when every aspect of our lives will be influenced by technology.