iBeacon Uses

5 Awesome Ways iBeacon helps Users and Businesses

As a lone user, people can use iBeacons in many ways like touring, navigating unknown roads, buying things without cash, locating people with special apps and many more things!

It is because each iBeacon works as a transmitter for all other iBeacons in its area, the ecosystem on its own becomes very large! Thus, the need for GPS and a data connection comes down drastically, especially in times of weather disturbances or server downtime where Bluetooth can come to the rescue and save people in times of crisis.

Here are some things individual users or business can do with iBeacon powered apps:

Tourism And Tourist Attractions

  • Visit new places even if you do not have a map or GPS. Use iBeacons to take self-guided tours around the area and navigate you with maps generated via the beacon.
  • Know more about the place you are visiting with apps that push content about the place’s history, its culture and things you can do there.
  • See things that you can learn about that place with self-exploration like scavenger hunts and have fun in what you are doing.
  • See how much distance you have to cover via the virtual map in order to see the entire place.

Faster Entertainment

  • Book movie or theatre tickets easily via your device without any cash payment.
  • Get location-based recommendations from the Shazam app if the place you are currently at has some music history attached to it.
  • Get rewards and points in shops based on your activity like buying limited-collection items or giving positive reviews to the brand.
  • Use the Tapjoy app to complete your itinerary faster.
  • Receive vouchers or promo codes when passing-by some cinema, music store or cultural building.

Easier Travel

  • Beacons installed in airports supply lots of supplementary information that can be beneficial to a user like location information, how to navigate to the check-in gates or reach the airport exit gates easily, etc.
  • Super-fast check-ins are now possible thanks to the geo-fencing feature in iBeacons that use your device address to let you in after verifying your boarding pass and ticket stored on the device.
  • Flight take-off information can be relayed to the traveller so that they are not at a risk of missing a flight.

Easy Public Transit

  • Get information about nearby subways and their track information to plan your journey.
  • Buy tokens directly from an app without waiting in queues and use your phone as a token since it has token information stored in it.
  • Get personalized offers from Travel agencies when you are at an airport, bus station or taxi parking.
  • Keep track of your luggage by affixing beacons inside them to keep them from getting lost or stolen.

Full Home Automation

  • Make your electricity switch off automatically for switches connected to the iBeacon wirelessly.
  • Command your air conditioner to reduce its temperature, command the oven to stop heating your food.
  • Make your car double-check its locking system before you go to sleep.
  • Lock all doors via centralized locking.
  • Estimate traffic ahead if you’re planning to go somewhere so that you can plan an alternate route.

With specialized apps supported for iBeacons, users can enrich their daily experiences by coming in proximity of an iBeacon. Not only do these beacons make life easier, they help automate processes for businesses which take more time if done the conventional way.

From the very beginning of iBeacon we have been helping businesses and user find innovative ways to make life easier by building iBeacon technology apps.