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4 Essential Tips for App Marketing during Festivals


Are you in the trap of how to best market your app? Have no fear, your Santa is here..!

It’s that time of the year when Santa will again bring joy to everyone. So,don’t get your tinsel in tangle, and fill up your home with lip smacking smells of baked goods and go MIA (Missing In Action) if you feel like. And if you are looking to market your app instead, just create magic with the tips I am sharing with you here.

A recent study by Flurry indicated that app downloads in 2014 increased by 91% on Christmas eve, thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone finding place in most of the Santa stockings since past few years. Which gives a clear indication as to why you, the app marketers, should also go all out during the festive season.

1. Season Freebies / Offers to loyal customers 

Your business stands on loyal customers, and what better time to reciprocate to their loyalty with a wonderful festival gift? Nothing too expensive, but something that will warm them up to your brand and help them remember you the next time they talk to their friends. Maybe a free support offer if you are in the B2B segment, so that they can enjoy their holiday better. Or a shopping coupon or gift voucher depending upon what segment you are operating in. And what better way to offer it than from your mobile app already installed on their home screens.

2. Rewards Programs offered from your Mobile App 

Reward programs have also been done-to-death, but it still hasn’t lost its shine. And if done properly it can create magic for your business. Big rewards can be offered to those who stood steadfast with your brand and who purchased beyond a certain limit. Keep your rewards program simple, and not too complex.  

3. Free gifts and greetings for new customers   

Free gifts can be offered as an incentive for downloading your mobile app as a ‘first-purchase’ festival offer if you are an e-commerce company. Customizable festival greeting templates offered from your mobile app for WhatsApp distribution could go a long way if you are a software company. You can improvise similarly as per your industry segment.

Just make sure that no matter what you do, your new customers at least get to use your mobile app once. You never know, if they like the experience they might keep your mobile app for a long time to come.

4. Remember, hard selling is a very limited option especially during festivals 

The digital media is a platform where people come looking for choices and additional options. Hence, it is not advisable to hard sell and risk losing your customers. Restrain from over messaging and disbursing too many discount offers. Try to provide value and keep your leads warm through your mobile app experience. Creating real relationships and trying to understand what they really need should be your focus rather than extracting money from their pockets. You could conceptualize an interesting QnA activity, or an online contest to find out their choices and preferences. And based on what they are really looking for, you can pitch them a suitable solution.

That’s about all from our desk this time, and we sincerely hope you liked the Santa tips. We hope these would go a long way in helping you effectively create your app marketing strategy during the festive season. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a glorious 2016. Stay tuned for our next update on mobile app marketing.

Shobhit Saxena

Jack of All, Master of One. Web and tech geek, eagle eye analyst, team player and travel lover.