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30 Pitiful Reasons Why Users Hate And Uninstall Your Mobile App

Let’s admit it – seeing your app uninstalled time and after time is frustrating and painful. Seeing your work of art leaving the charts (if it ever hit the charts) without apparently obvious reasons could leave many developers and marketers in state of shock and melancholy. The root of the problem – Many app developers fail to understand that mobile apps are another type of product – which means that they are supposed to satisfy a certain need or invoke a certain emotion at user side. Therefore just like some product could not penetrate the market simply because of bad design or poorly chosen color of the package so as your mobile app can be deleted and abandoned by the user by many small and obvious reasons.

Take this advise seriously – Do not fall in love with the perceived sense of superiority of you mobile app because normally your users use your app due to a single trait or feature that captivated them which can be as small as the sound the app makes when the users logs out (after which comes the word of mouth). That’s right many small things can judge the penetration of a mobile app as well as its failure on the market place. Let’s look at the most important ones from user’s perspective:


Increasing number of mobile users become tech savvy and care for their device’s performance, speed and security. Failing to meet the standard criteria for performance with an Android or iOS app that slows and drains the smartphone’s resources can quickly bring your user to the uninstall menu. Some performance criteria are:

  • Network overload (background data consumption)
  • Over usage of CPU power
  • Draining the batteryt oo fast
  • Overuse of storage space
  • Too many app crashes
  • Feeling of slowing down the phone’s performance
  • Too long load time
  • Too slow overall experience

User experience

When we first talked about the Recipe for creating the most engaging mobile application we mentioned that many developers think of an app to be engaging when users spends more time on that app which appears as totally wrong perspective when it comes to judging a good mobile app from a user perspective. Unfortunately most developers still implement this philosophy while building their next mobile app because while they want their app to be able to do many things, but those same things could make your user hate your app. A typical example can be Facebook. Don’t make your user connect your app with Facebook unless there is some tangible benefit from it because many will find this intrusive. Trust us, we have seen that. There is a small million of small functionalities that can diminish your user’s overall experience with your mobile app. Here are some of them:

  • The app does not seem to do what user expected
  • Poor first experience
  • The app sends too many notifications
  • No offline mode
  • Poor, outdated or unprofessional visual design/graphics/app icon
  • The app doesn’t allow customization of experience (like muting sounds, turning off some notifications, etc)
  • The app displays too many ads
  • The app forces updates on users too often (can’t use app without update)

Trust and information access

Every extra item on the permission list requested by your mobile app can potentially irritate or scare the user and bring him to a state of deleting it without even fully trying it. That was the case so many times with me while installing mobile app on my Xperia smartphone. Be careful with the permission requests and do not ask for more information than the app really needs to work well. Take the extra mile If you intend to use personal information make sure your app clearly shows that and tells how, when and where this info is going to be used. Some security related reasons that can get your mobile app uninstalled are:

  • The app asks for too many permissions (or permissions that seem unnecessary)
  • Too much info required for sign-up
  • The app requires social network access
  • The app sends invites to friends without user knowledge
  • The app works fine only on fast networks
  • Too long since last update
  • Security/Privacy issue with app in the news/blogs appearing recently

Miscellaneous reasons:

At the end of the day, an app can invoke negative feelings due to miscellaneous reasons which could be either related to user experience or utility or both. Note some of them:

  • Feels non-standard in its user experience
  • Lost relevance to the user
  • Other installed software indicate it’s malware
  • Non-standard / unprofessional/amateur feel
  • Does not allow moving it to SD card (for lower end android devices)
  • Non-responsive and active developers when you report issues with experience
  • “Spring cleaning”
  • The mobile website looking better than the native app

The following study conducted by uSamp identifies the primary bugbears and app problems as declared by users which could make a user’s experience with your mobile app as good as terrible. Notice the following figures:

  • Freezing – 76%
  • Crashing  -71%
  • Slow responsiveness – 59%
  • Heavy battery usage 55%
  • Too many ads 53%

If your users experience these issues with your mobile app then you can be damn sure about what comes next:

  • 96% said that they would write a bad review
  • 44% said that they would delete the app immediately.
  • 38% said that they would delete the app if it froze for more than 30 seconds
  • 32% and 21% respectively indicating that they would moan about the app to their friends or colleagues in person or over Facebook and Twitter.
  • 18% would delete an app immediately if it froze for just five seconds,
  • 27% said that they would persist with the app if they paid for it

What users expect in these scenarios from developers is the following:

  • Responsive developers to fix the problem 89%
  • Offering easy refunds – 65%
  • Customer service number – 49%

Could you add something else on this list/ What else have irritated you so much that forced you to uninstall a mobile app instantaneously from your smartphone? Shoot us a comment !