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3 Awesome Best-sellers Whose Authors Give Them Online For Free


Since Paolo Coelho decided to publish “The Alchemist” online for free download, the masterpiece which changed the life of millions of people, many others have decided to make a similar step. Some to mark it as a milestone of a lifetime, and some with strategical purpose to connect with people and build and influence which could be harvested later on. Both motives are equally fair, as long as the rest of us get the chance to get inspired by stories we still do not dare to live. Today I am going to share 3 best-sellers whose generous authors decide to make them available – For free.

Stop stealing Dreams – A Manifesto of Seth Godin

Seth Godin, world class marketing evangelist who was the first one to coin the term Permission Marketing theoretical platform of the modern Inbound Marketing concept is author of multiple bestsellers and founder of several companies amongst which the famous Squidoo. He is a famous proponent of the deeply rooted past century industrial models of governing  economies which takes away the ability of people to iterate and innovate. His Manifesto “Stop Stealing Dreams” is a stunning reading which explicitly blames the modern education system which resides on past century principles and fails to prepare people for the new and dynamic Economy of Information and Connections, because it still teaches us that the purpose of education is to make us fit for 9 am to 5 pm job and stability.

He tells what the present model of education does to your children and who may be benefiting from keeping things “as they are.” A reading that will leave you stunned and contemplative. Download it here

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The In-Between

Jeff Goins is one of the authors I am following almost 2 years. His blog Goins Writer contains all that you may need if you dream of becoming a professional writer or simply write that book you always dreamed for. His blog has been featured as one of The Top 10 Blogs for writers. Reading one of his books Wrecked has left me long for more. Well, recently Jeff has placed his latest book The In-Between online on Story Cartel for 48 hours. The In-Between is another remarkable reading that awakes us and tells us that best moments in life do not lie in times of extreme sadness or action like movies and comics force us believe. The In-Between will teach you how to find the magic of this moment right here right now. Because it is no longer available on Story Cartel for free, I have placed The In-Between on our company servers. You can download it here


Resonate by Nancy Duarte

Is this where the future of publishing lies? I do not have any reason to believe in the opposite. Nancy Duarte, Principal of Duarte Design Inc. takes the concept of giving to the next level. In her book Resonate, Nancy wants to find out jot down and explain how people used to communicate life changing ideas throughout history. Now she is giving the a web version of Resonate for free along with series of striking visuals (images and videos) to convey the key moments and messages from her book. Reading Resonate on my web browser has been a rewarding experience. Resonate is yours for free here.

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… And Bonus

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn puts the crucial elements and teachings of his remarkable book The Startup of You, a compulsory reading for everyone wishing to build a successful career in a dynamic economy through entrepreneurial thinking and tools, online and available for free. You can find the summary of his book along with free complimentary gifts here

What about you? Did you discovered a practically too good to be true reading or online resource which is offered by the author for free? Share with us in comments.



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