Field Force Automation Flyer

The proliferation of smartphones has paved way for field force automation. A combination of mobile apps, global positioning systems, and back-end CRM is helping organizations in effectively deploying their field force. Field force automation reaps the benefits such as an increase in customer satisfaction, improved productivity and reduction in operational cost. Industry stakeholders and their […]

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Top 10 Wireframing Tools – Best in Use For Mobile App Development

Wireframing of a mobile website or application is a vital part of a successful design process, which allows to design and organise different component required before application development, like expand initial ideas, build structure and functionality and receive invaluable feedback. Thus, hefty budget can be saved on design and development. In general, different wireframes are […]

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Education & Learning Flyer

  The next era of education requires a collaborative environment based on an integrated digital ecosystem comprised of parents, teachers, educators, students, and administrators. The Learning Management System Market is expected to reach $7 billion in 2018 whereas mobile based learning products and services will reach $12.2 billion by 2017. The education sector has to […]

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Cloud Computing Flyer

The cloud computing revenue is expected to surpass 162 billion US dollars in 2020. There is a significant increase in hybrid cloud adoption. The data-driven organizations of tomorrow are taking leverage of cloud-based storage and analytics. The movement of data onto cloud ecosystem has been simplified. All the trends implicate that the transformational shift from […]

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