Digitizing Transportation Business

Pros of Digitizing Transportation Business with real-time Data Sync on Cloud

The transportation business is one of the most demanding businesses as it involves safe and timely delivery of the goods while meeting the expectation of the customers. The transporter has to address multiple challenges such as transportation vehicle management, driver management, ensuring the safety of the shipment, sharing information with different vendors, suppliers, and customers. […]

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Logistics Brand Apps

How Logistic Brands leverage Apps to suck Business from SME competitors?

The mobility solutions offered through mobile apps have transformed businesses across every vertical in the industry. Apps provide unprecedented portability and flexibility to the businesses.  The logistic providers are taking leverage of mobile applications for tracking inventory and shipments, to execute procurement transactions and reordering process, real-time collaboration with internal and external supplier partners. The […]

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Successful Entertaiment App Recepie - Mobiloitte Blog

The Recipe of a Successful Entertainment App from an App Agency

  The smartphone revolution and the proliferation of mobile apps simplified our lives. Mobile apps also paved the way for portable entertainment. The massive success of entertainment apps like Netflix, Spotify etc. has fueled the growth of entertainment apps and the app users are ever more demanding. Let’s discuss the ingredients which are necessary for […]

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