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The 17 Apps of World’s Most Effective People

How do world’s best and most active bloggers, platform builders entrepreneurs and business people achieve so much in 24 hours? The Answer – they armor themselves with the right set of tools which helps them organize, produce, communicate and avoid procrastination all together. In order to help you work and perform like them we have assembled a set of the best 17 mobile apps world ‘s top performers use in various aspects of their work. Have a look at them..

Productivity apps

  • Tab Wrangler

The moment I firstly discovered Tab Wrangler, I was so excited I almost dedicated an entire blog post for it. This little utility will ensure that your web browser does not suffocate itself in so many tab, by periodically closing the ones you are not accessing.

  • Rescue time

One of the best productivity benchmarking utilities I have ever met.  Once you register and open an account with Rescue Time, its beautiful web interface wills provide you a visually unmatched graphical representation of how productive you spend you working day according to various parameters. The system is intelligent enough to suggest productivity goals you could try to achieve. If you are still not convinces in the power of Rescue Time, have a look at this snapshot from my personal Rescue Time dashboard (ups,  I could be a bit more productive I suppose)

rescue time


Simply brilliant. IFTTT (If This Then That) uses the various platforms’s API to bridge them to each other under a single platform enabling the user to do much more with one action only. The connections are called recipes inside IFTTT’s dashboard. For example, you can set a recipe for automatically publishing every new blog post on your Facebook page, re-post from Facebook page to Twitter, automatically save emails from Gmail to Google Drive etc. There are so many recipes waiting to be discovered. Try it out immediately.

I love the story behind this app. The guy invented it as a result of his struggles with multiple redundant operations and procedures he had to endure while trying to obtain a visa for US. One of the finest and simplest To-Do apps ever and the best thing is that it integrates with your Gmail account, that nebulous corner of hours where most of us really need a To-do assistant. Try it immediately

  • One tab

This one serves almost the same purpose like Tab Wrangler by squeezing all your inactive tabs into one tab for better visibility and work ease. Hey why don’t you try them both and tell us which one you like more.

  • Google Keep

You think that Google Home Page is the simplest webpage you have seen? Well you should have a look at Google Keep then. The cleanest and finest note application for immediately capturing those super creative thoughts of yours before they fly away.  The best of all, it integrates with Google Drive. Huzaaa!!

  • Readability

How much can your eye stand? At the moment you read a blog post from a nice and eye soothing blog like this one and after few minutes you land an over crowded eyes ripping banner flooded how to do article.  Readability was meant to put an end to this by providing a unique interface for the content you would like to read. Push your content into Readability’s dashboard and make it a new day of your new life (note – you can also push content on your Kindle as well).

Content Curation

I can’t thank heavens enough for letting me discover Feedly. A superior alternative of now gone Google reader that captures news from your favorite blog posts, serves them in user friendly representation and even recommends new blogs for you to follow based on hashtag search requests. What more do you need from a feed aggregator? In case I have missed something this blog post tells more about Feedly.

  • Flipboard

It is now just any personalized news aggregator. Flipboard’s beautiful interface turns every piece of news into a lasting story that soothes for your eyes. Now you know why Samsung integrates Flipboard into it’s smartphone device as a default app.  In case there are still some who haven’t tried Flipboard yet, do it quickly. You will desperately fall in love in the page flipping visual effects.

  • Storify

If you love story telling through content curation, then you will also love Storify. This is one of the favorite tools of marketers (hey everyone is a marketer today). Find the good content, publish it on Storify and then embed it any place else on your own website or blog.  It is even easier than it sounds.

  • Tweetdeck

Where would any Twitter marketer go without Tweetdeck?  Many more seems to popped out but nothing can replace Tweetdeck and its ever dancing dashboard. Follow real time updates, news on particular area, activity of a particular user and lot more from a single screen. Sounds so futuristic doesn’t it? Wait until you try it yourself.

  • Pocket Casts

This is a podcast curation app you will be glad every penny you have paid for. Pocket casts is said to possess the most beautiful and intuitive user interface and features that will allow you to browse and manage every podcasts series or individual episode plus notification whenever new episodes is uploaded on your favorite channel.  Podcasters, this app will be your choice for lifetime. Available on Google Play.

Content creation

The simplest and still best snapshot capturing tool. Whether you want to capture screenshot from your working screen, or a website, Snag it available for Windows, Mac and Chrome. I have tried several and I have found Snag It. Enough Print Screen + Microsoft Paint + Paste + Save.

  • Pixlr o Matic

One of the many web based image editors and the one I highly recommend among all of them. Pixlr o Matic is rich with feature, almost as rich as ever desktop version of image editing software you can think of.

The best writers in the world share one common secret. When they write, they simply write without doing any editing in between. However most of us the starters can quickly drain our thoughts on the page or face a writer’s block, which is why we seek salvation and repeated inspiration in fixing the typos, barely being able to resist the red underlined world.

Scrivener was born out of this problem. Scrivener is said to be the best advance for writers since the Word processor. Simple distraction free software for writers that gives you the option to optimize your writing and pre-select the type of text you intend to create (press release, blog post, speeches etc.) Scrivener is available for both Mac and Windows

  • Canva

My little precious. I have become a user of Canva not long ago, and I thank heaven for its existence. Canva is platform for creating simple visuals and flat designs for your blog posts, posters and images for social media, cover photos, banners presentations and lot more. It works on drag and drop principle, all you have to do is to select the appropriate layer, use some of the images provided by Canva ($1 per image) or upload on your own. Hubspot generates the majority of it’s cute visuals and well known posters with Canva. Now you know how big it is right?

Multiple authorities and marketers have announced that 2014 will be the year of video marketing. Time to make use of that fact. You used to have challenges which you were able to resolve with particular software or a tool. Share the knowledge by creating how-to video tutorials using Camtasia Studio, one of the best screen recording software I have ever tried. Camtasia Studio brings the process to its basics while enhancing your video with more visual effects, themes, options to add links and calls for action which will further spread your work in the digital universe. Stop browsing and try Camtasia Studio.

This set of 17 apps will suffice every aspect of your productivity and creativity plus will tell you if you unintentionally escape any of the two.  What about you? Any app which we did not mention here? Be kind and share in comments.



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