Cross Platform App Development Tools

10 Topnotch Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools for App Developers!


Behind every successful man, there is a woman and behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a mobile application! The mobile app market is rising and mobile users spending 117% more time with their smart devices. Interestingly enough, according to a recent Compound Annual Growth Rate of about 38%, thereby reaching $4.8 billion by 2017.

Now, app developers have begun to take-off with cross-platform development tools. Large and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly adapting mobile apps and streamlining operations and processes. Some of the best cross-platform mobile app development tools available in 2016. If there is a tool I missed, make sure to a leave a comment and complete the development tools list: –


Xamarin is a great platform to develop complex and complicated mobile apps with a high-level of security. It uses the same language, IDE and API’s for different platforms. There are good reasons why Xamarin is used by many companies:

  • Deliver native experiences
  • Reuse up to 96% of source code
  • Performance closes to native
  • Full hardware support, etc.

Expensive Xamarin license – $999 / Year

Appcelerator Titanium

We have listed down – why you should embrace Appcelerator Titanium:

  • Reuse 60% to 90% same code
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Apps conveniently interacts with web services
  • Based on JavaScript, etc.

This platform has various cons such as lots of trial errors, increasing complexity, no freemium, flexibility issues and much more.


Apache Cordova is a free resource that holds the top slot in developer mindshare. PhoneGap developers write an application in CSS, HTML and JavaScript.


  • No need to learn complicated languages
  • Leverage from a ton of libraries
  • Cut cost and time to develop, etc.


  • Performance of Cordova apps is not satisfactory
  • No much control over hardware


Ionic and AngularJS is a great combination that helps in creating awesome apps. Ionic framework provides UI library, plugins, themes, side menu, widgets, etc. Benefits of Ionic Framework:

  • Build beautiful native focused app
  • Deliver awesome user interface and experience
  • Performance obsessed, etc.

Unity 3D

It is a creative gaming engine; developers can build attractive mobile game apps with highly incredible graphics. In Unity 3D engine, developers can write a code in UnityScript, C# and Boo. And, you can export your games to different platforms like iOS, Linux, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, etc.

Pricing: $75/month


Sencha is a tool that helps in creating mobile apps in HTML5 and then developers convert them into cross-platform via translation tool i.e. Adobe PhoneGap. All Sencha mobile apps run on browsers and mobile devices because of HTML5 language. This platform saves a lot of development time.


This mobile development tool is mainly used in creating two dimensional games. Cocos2d uses different programming language for different platforms like:

  • Cocos2d-x uses C++
  • Cocos2d-JS uses JavaScript
  • Cocos2dXNA uses C#
  • Cocos2d uses Python
  • Cocos2d-Swift uses Xcode

If anyone wants to build a 2D mobile game, so they can go with Cocos2d tool.


Kony is a mobile app development platform mainly focuses on building mobile, desktop, tablet and kiosk applications. Main benefits of Kony platform:

  • Create and design an ideal app as per your specific needs
  • Easily connect with all backend services, etc.


Xojo is a robust development tool focusing Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi. It offers free web app hosting. You can get various things from Xojo such as:

  • Build app 10x faster
  • Modern development
  • Support Native + Cross-Platform apps, etc.

Pricing: $99 – $1,999/yearly


Yapp enables users to create personalized mobile apps for their groups, conferences, events and gatherings. It is one of the best affordable tools that creates instantly publish mobile event apps.

Pricing: $399 – $1,599/app as per requirements

Although, cross-platform mobile apps are smoothly filling enterprise needs. All these platforms minimize the development cost and time – If you would like to speak with Mobiloitte regarding any one of above mobile development tools – let’s connect.