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10 Things I Do To Start a Day Full of Joy and Fulfilment

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How many times did you wish to hack seemingly mediocre mornings into great and inspirational start of your working day. You have heard about the power of the small things, but do you actually know which small things could make your morning truly enjoyable?

This is what has worked for me:

1.  Wash & Brush

Does this sounds trivia and unnecessary to be mentioned? Let me specify. Wash and brush must literally be the first morning activity. No breakfast, no laptops, no emails and no social media. Your body and mind is what matters first.

2.  Drink a liter of Water

One of the oldest recipes for good health. Water is the main ingredient in our body. Start your morning by drinking a litter at least in order to hydrate and purify your body and stomach at least 1 hour before you take your breakfast. If you had a heavy meal the previous night, this becomes a must. Do that and soon you will feel the benefits of a healthy stomach.

3.  Salute the day and offer prayer

Change your world by changing your words. Prayer and simply saying Thanks is the best way to calibrate your mind towards goodness and freshness. You know the power of the positive thoughts better than me. Call it God or the power of the subconscious mind – it doesn’t really matter. Prayer every morning can make miracles in your life. Pray for the love and well-being of your family, friends, colleagues, the entire world and then finish by dedicating a small humble prayer to yourself. Imagine yourself as a reservoir of great vibrations coming out of you in concentric circles and hit every person around.

4.  Write something in my “Thought Hunter”

Putting your thoughts on paper can elevate your minds into new levels on consciousness. Many great minds have done the same thing and they were persistent in doing it every single day without any exception. Einstein is a classic example for this practice. He used to carry his notebook with him everywhere because the best ideas can be born randomly at any place from any inspiration that may quickly arise and disappear.

5.  Do some running and push-ups

Healthy body holds a healthy mind. Push-ups might not be necessarily your thing, however stick to the jogging and additional exercise that suits you.  The thought that motivates me every morning to go for running is the following – “Today the modern human holds only a fragment of the physical capacity that our ancestor used to possess.”  I want to bridge that gap as much as I can

6.  Read from the Bhagwat Gita

One of the best books I have encountered in my life and the one I will surely keep reading it again until the rest of my life. No matter your religion, Bhagwat Gita offers great ancient but most of all practical and relevant teachings today applicable more than ever that come from the ancient Vedas

7.  Have Shower

Of course you should not skip this step. I keep the shower for after the running for obvious reasons

8.  Have breakfast

After you give your body a litter of water at least 1 hour before your lunch and do some physical activities or yoga in between, your body is fully ready for rich heavy breakfast. Cheers

9.  Play my Tibetan singing bowl

This is one of my favourite morning activities. Scientist have proven that if you expose your brain and senses to a different smell every morning, you will quickly activate multiple brain centres Just as you start the day. The case is same with sound. Give your mind the soothing sound of the Tibetan singing bowl, relax and let your brain offer solution to your challenges

10.  Say Hi and smile to a random walker

Do not talk to strangers – Silly teaching if you ask me. World is already suffering from too much mute, coldness and formality. Do not search special reason to say hi and talk to your neighbour. Just do it and relish the nectar from a great conversation with a person you just get to know

This is my list friends. You can find the PowerPoint version of this text right here.

Can you add some extra great activity that make you start your morning with joy? Kindly share it here.