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You must be aware of the latest trends in the market. Moreover, the TV is going to take a backseat in the times to come. You can thank the live streaming app development industry for that. There are quite a few of them in the market today. Moreover, you cannot stop counting the live streaming app. Now, you can find your TV programs very easily on the internet. You do not need to leave all your tasks and sit in front of the TV to catch up on your favorite shows.

Live Streaming Applications Development Services

Mobiloitte provides live video and audio streaming services to facilitate music streaming or podcast streaming. We help you create a live streaming platform and start streaming live on both iOS and Android platforms.

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    Audio/Music Streaming Application Development

    If you have a new idea to create music streaming apps like Spotify, Gaana, Saavn; music streaming app developers are there to help you.

    Types of music streaming app development

    Live Video Streaming Application Development

    Live Video streaming mobile apps help you to watch your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. Mobiloitte provides live streaming software development services with guaranteed quality video applications such as OTT Media Services streaming, Business Video Streaming, Live IP-based Streaming, and much more.Your online video streaming and communication could be set up in two ways: User to User (Skype / Viber) and User to People (Twitch / YouTube / Facebook / Periscope).

    Types of video streaming applications

    • On-demand live streaming platform with unique content
    • Services from conventional TV and cable providers
    • Streaming apps from autonomous TV networks

    Live Streaming Application Features

    Deliver High-Quality Content
    Use real-time data compression to lower the bandwidth usage on both ends of the connection.

    Offer Diverse Functionality
    Enable features ranging from live streaming for TV to featured creation of live videos by users.

    High Potential
    Hashgraph is really fast and has the potential to compute around 200,000 transactions just within a few seconds.

    Reduce Buffering with a CDN
    Ensure speedy content delivery to specific audiences based on geographical location.

    Offer In-Demand Features and UI/UX
    Create an intuitive platform with embedded Flash functionality to deliver high-pixel rate streaming content regardless of device size.
    Extensible Media Storage
    Achieve high scalability with a cloud storage platform such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Cloud Services.

    Secure Content Inventory
    Secure content with AES encryption, DRM, and IP-based access control and mitigate breaches from hackers and other unauthorized users.


    Subscription / Premium Packages
    Go Live
    Video Streaming
    Audio Streaming
    Add Continents
    View Categories
    Invite Guest
    Exchange Coins/Diamonds
    Add Continents
    View Categories
    Invite Guest
    Exchange Coins/Beans/Diamonds

    Admin Side

    Generate Packages
    Add Banners
    Add offers
    Total Subscriptions
    Active Subscription
    Report Management
    Payment Management
    View User Details
    Allow Social Media Login
    Review Management
    Promo code Management
    Promotional Event Organizer
    Genre Management

    Advantages of Live Streaming Platform

    • Opportunities for a wider audience

      Even before the current events created an increase in demand, live broadcasts were just a blast. Forty-seven percent of the world's live streaming viewers are watching more live videos than last year. Deliver consistent action no matter where your audience is with a flexible bitrate stream. With flexible live streaming, we can help you achieve the best video quality and viewer information possible in both high-quality and low-quality connections.
    • Mobile Access

      Expand your demographic access by providing your live streaming service to mobile devices. As of 2020, 3.5 billion people worldwide have smartphones. Forty percent of users say that video enhances the shopping experience on their mobile phones. Choose completely native apps for Android and iOS, or go mixed. We can advise you on what is best for your situation. In any case, we can guarantee the correct performance (such as app notifications, offline viewing, and more) for the appropriate audience, packed with UX seamlessly.
    • Statistics

      Understand your audience with statistics such as app interaction, audience numbers, engagement, and behavior. This data helps you to make sure your word list satisfies the target audience. It can also detect new markets and show you how to adjust your streaming appropriately. We can create personal user profiles in your area, which collect data and gives your users the ability to manage their preferences on a custom dashboard. We can also include a strong search function that helps users find the media they want and tells you what content users are interested in.
    • Built-in payments

      Provide your content with a variety of payment plans that meet the needs of your viewers. Depending on the payment methods accepted, there is a wide range of options available: pay-per-view, monthly subscriptions, pricing, and much more. Accepting payments is one of our most important skills; we can combine your forum with the best payment solution available and create a seamless payment process. We can guide you through the various plans to make money and what works best for your idea.
    • Fan engagement

      Videos shared on social media generate 1200% sharing over text or images. Increase consumer loyalty by asking for feedback on your content, including the opportunity to influence future broadcasts. We can integrate social features to encourage your audience to share content with friends and invite new users. Other fan functionality such as Q&A, rating systems, and comments help you engage the audience in advance and keep them coming back for more.
    • Advertisement

      Collect extra money by using third-party ads. Fifty-three percent of consumers are open to viewing ads in video streaming to get a lower subscription rate, while 76% are willing to watch ads for free content. We can set up your forum to provide you with pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads that are structured based on video performance to generate high revenue.

    Technology Used In Livestream App Development

    Our Livestreaming App Development Company is one of the best in the market today. We have capabilities that others do not have. Moreover, we pick our teams after a lot of scrutiny. We can create the best livestreaming app from scratch. 

    Our Content Delivery Network is something that is very important in app development. CDN facilitates a flawless experience for both you and your subscribers. Our livestreaming apps are totally glitch-free as we use reliable hosting services for the same. As the number of users grow, you need more reliable hosting services. So, we take care of scalability. We deliver on the quality of the best UI and UX. We create a Minimum Viable Product for you. Furthermore, it helps you to measure the market and the reach of your app in the initial days. There are platform choices that you can avail yourself of today. 

    You can go for the native or hybrid platforms. We generally use scripts such as CSS, Java, and HTML. So, you can summarize the main features as follows:

    • Content delivery network:
    • Hosting
    • Programming languages
    • MEDIA Processing Platform
    • Streaming protocols 
    • Database

    Benefits of the Livestreaming App Development

    Now, you can enjoy a variety of benefits and outcomes from the livestreaming app industry. There are many in the market, so you really need to think out-of-the-box. We do the thinking for you. Read about the myriad benefits here:

    • You can reach a wide range of customers with the help of our app development services. 
    • We provide you with live streaming app services for mobile phones, as a large part of the audience are on smartphones today. 
    • You can also understand the audience analytics through our app interactions, engagement models, and personalization dashboards. 
    • You can now avail your app of a number of varied payment plans, including UPI. 
    • You can also engage your fans through the Fan Engagement Features. 
    • Collect more revenue by incorporating ads. 
    • You can also integrate the app with other streaming platforms like Zoom, JW player and Brightcove.

    Use Cases

    We have created some of the best OTT platforms till date. We have delivered the best live streaming apps not only for web browsers but also for Android and Apple. There are more platforms that we are studying at the moment. Smart TVs are also high on priority for us. Our platform is extremely easy to use and makes live streams and broadcasts a breeze. Some of the additional features that we have already developed for other clients are various user engagement models, multiple screen sharing options, and revenue growth through advertisement. You can call us for a consultation.

    Why Mobiloitte for your Live Streaming Application Development?

    As a leading company to develop a live video & audio streaming app, we spend a lot of time editing your live streaming app, according to your audience, we carefully create a visual interface for the app, designs, and user information. We also develop and evaluate your app accordingly so that your app is live, stable, and free of distractions. This is how we differentiate ourselves from many other mobile application development companies.