Introducing the DungeonSwap Clone built into BSC

NFT Games is an undeniable future that awaits us all! Guide your way into the future by building an amazing NFT game like DungeonSwap.

DungeonSwap Clone- Create Style RPG Play2Earn Game

DungeonSwap is a play2earn style RPG game running on Binance Smart Chain Network. A multiplayer battle arena game where players indulge in battles with other players and have tasks to perform within the game. Players are rewarded with accessories, armory, etc., which are NFT. These NFTs can also be sold by players in the marketplace. In addition to its gaming features, it also has merchant features. Investors who come in just to invest and not play have the option to participate in Liquidity Fountain or Fantasy Farm / Pool and win prizes. A complete package of entertainment and DeFi in one place. Mobiloitte introduces you to the DungeonSwap clone, an NFT playground similar to Dungeonswap itself. It is very clear today that the NFT and NFT games are not the future but the present. If you are a visionary looking to enter the world of WEB3, then start your journey by playing to win NFT games like DungeonSwap now.

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    Features You Can Find In Our Dungeon Exchange Clone

    Our developers have built an NFT gaming platform similar to DungeonSwap that benefits both the NFT gaming community and merchants.

    Users get to buy DungeonSwap clone script tokens using some of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the trade.
    Liquidity Pool
    Players can contribute to project funding by adding an in-game token and external currency together here.
    Fantasy Staking Farm
    This is where users place revenue pool tokens to earn in-game game tokens as prizes.
    War Game
    Tasks for gamers and the number of prizes they will win to complete these tasks will be provided here.

    Connect Wallet
    Players must be able to integrate their crypto wallets into the DungeonSwap Like Platform in the Binance Smart Chain to play and earn tokens.
    NFT Market
    Players can buy different types of weapons, armor, remnants, etc., here on the market. As we know, all of these in-game assets are immovable tokens.

    Exchange Your Dungeon As an NFT Gaming Platform

    The motto of any NFT game is to create an ecosystem where players can benefit while playing a game. Thus it requires an economic structure that benefits both the player and the game. Players will be rewarded for their achievements in the game. These rewards can be both NFT or digital tokens. Thus introducing a traditional token can play an important role here as it can be a potential reward for gamers. It can also be used as a form of digital currency for in-game purchases. Players can buy and sell NFT winnings in a game on the marketplace using their native token. This will also increase the value of your token in the short term. We can create a native token for your game.

    Our DungeonSwap Clone Game

    Our NFT game-winning game like DungeonSwap is an RPG-style battlefield game. There are two modes of play, play2earn mode, and risk2earn mode, respectively. Players will have to fight alone or against monsters to earn points and raise the leaderboard to win prizes. They will earn tokens or NFTs by respecting their position on the board of directors. The top user will be rewarded with rare NFTs, while those at the lower level will receive regular or unusual NFTs. There will be different levels in the game. Each round will have a new dream structure, and this will make it more attractive to the players. Users will gain all the extra power and strategy as NFTs by winning multiple games.

    By making use of Consensus Time Stamping, Hashgraph ensures that no one can control the order of transactions.

    Based on the Bank-Grade Security, Hashgraph offers great security by ruling out bad actors from preventing consensus.

    High Potential
    Hashgraph is really fast and has the potential to compute around 200,000 transactions just within a few seconds.

    Hashgraph works on the two techniques i.e. Gossip about Gossip and Virtual Voting to reach the distributed consensus that is quite effective.

    Why Mobiloitte?

    Mobiloitte will improve business performance by delivering Corda blockchain development services. Our team of potential developers has in-depth knowledge of Corda-based applications.

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