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    What is Blockchain Security?

    As more and more people become aware that digital currencies, tokenized assets, and smart contracts represent the new financial wild west, new risks have emerged. When your technological stack is cutting-edge and built on new crypto-based technologies, it is more difficult to buffer against regulatory pressure and cybersecurity risks. Blockchain technology is revolutionary and is considered to be a disruptive innovation. It is based on an immutable digital ledger that can record more than monetary transactions. The decentralized trust that blockchain and distributed ledgers provide makes it feasible for businesses to collaborate, even if they do not trust each other directly but have shared interests.

    Mobiloitte Solution for Blockchain Security

    With blockchain technology, Mobiloitte is pioneering a new way to combat digital fraud, boost visibility throughout the supply chain, and forge stronger bonds of trust in the burgeoning experiential interactions between customers and businesses. We use our years of experience in cybersecurity to provide security and access rights management. We provide digital identities, digital signatures, hardware security modules, and smart cards without compromising the independence or privacy of customers’ data.

    Not only your financial go must be resilient against the relentless foe. Our team will actively participate in your processes, procedures, and infrastructure to find even the smallest holes in your detection and response capabilities. ​

    We provide a full suite of answers for our customers for any problems that may arise with blockchains, cryptocurrencies, or digital assets. We also do audits on the protocol and smart contract levels. Social engineering campaigns based on tactics will be used to teach your team valuable lessons the hard way. ​

    Our Blockchain Security Services

    Framework Design
    Increase the safety of your existing cryptocurrency exchange or platform with the help of our comprehensive set of security services. Integration of digital asset custodians, incident response, cloud monitoring, product security, and more are all part of the services on offer.
    Our cryptography audits, security assessments, and penetration testing services will evaluate your systems and code, point out any holes, and provide thorough security recommendations to keep your cryptocurrency exchanges and digital assets safe.
    Blockchain has the potential to advance several industries if applied properly significantly. Our advice for moving your business ahead, from initial planning to Implementation and ongoing, secure administration, is based on an in-depth understanding of your industry and goals.
    Platform Design
    Do you need extremely secure apps for your new goods that can't be written in Java, Rust, the web, or mobile app languages? We create and test market-ready, minimum-viable-product iterations of blockchain-based solutions and design and execute use cases. To pique the attention of our clientele, we also produce applications and whitepapers.

    Benefits of Blockchain Security

    We integrate third-party software, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, email, Web-Chat, WhatsApp, Amazon Echo, Slack, Phone, and more to improve clean websites and apps, simple, and dynamic.

    The Seeds of Confidence
    Companies may confidently create, install, and run blockchain-based transaction networks with the help of our root-of-trust infrastructure for keys and cryptographic operations.
    Clustering blockchain security improves performance and availability, allowing blockchain processes to scale without compromising safety.

    Better Conformity
    Businesses in highly regulated contexts may execute blockchain initiatives while fulfilling compliance standards.

    We have industry-leading security that can withstand even the most severe attacks for root keys.

    Use Cases of Blockchain-based Security

    One of the key benefits of blockchain is that it is decentralized, which leads to improved data integrity across all processes.

    The Decentralization of Data Storage

    Millions of cyber assaults have been launched against businesses in recent years. In addition, all these businesses shared the usage of a single database. As a result, a hacker can gain access to a company’s most sensitive information in one centralized location. Moving to decentralized networks closes the single point of failure that ransomware like WannaCry exploits.
    Rather than having information spread in several places, a centralized system concentrates all of these functions in one hub. With a decentralized system, on the other hand, data specific to individual locations are kept and updated without the need for a centralized server.

    The Safety of Private Message Exchange

    Our interaction methods have developed due to technological developments in our networks. Currently, businesses communicate via a wide variety of digital channels that provide the exchange of a wide range of file types. This flexibility has boosted productivity and collaboration but has also brought its hazards through increasing vulnerability points.
    Blockchain can improve the advantages of current E2EE systems, producing an even more secure consumer environment. With the help of a standardized security protocol, blockchain technology can make it possible for disparate messaging platforms to communicate with one another and for a single API framework to be developed that ensures the safety of all data transfers.

    IoT Safety

    Blockchain’s decentralized ledger technology can help businesses protect their linked hardware and software networks. By evaluating the network and reaching a consensus on what constitutes normal and suspicious behaviour in the chain, blockchain technology empowers devices to make security choices autonomously.

    Why Mobiloitte for Blockchain Security?

    Based on the newest technology and implementing industry best practices, we deliver applications of blockchain technology tackling data security concerns. We connect individuals, businesses, and governmental institutions to the cutting-edge Blockchain security ecosystem. We help our clients access digital data security, anti-counterfeit measures, verifications, and data safety forensics.