• 27 February 2018
Project Description

List your Business and enhance communication between customers and businesses making it that much easier to get things done.

The app is free to use and hopefully will make your life that much easier to get what you want and need from businesses nearby.

Users can do the following: (Users can chat anonymously without disclosing there personal information)

  • Search Local Businesses.
  • Make Reservations.
  • Book Appointments.
  • Order Pizza.
  • Check for product availability.
  • Find Prices.
  • Look for a Plumber or Electrician.

You dont have to drive to several different stores to see if they have the item available in stock and what the price it is, just search for your nearest store and send a message to find out saving you time and effort.

Reading your favorite magazine and see something you like snap a picture of the item and message the picture direct to the closest store or business and ask if they have your size or color available?

The app makes it easier to get in touch with your closest business and help's you find the right items with minimal time and effort.

If you want a quick way to find what you looking for and save you time and effort this app is for you:

  • Businesses can do the following:
  • Create a business profile.
  • List your business.
  • Create Special offers & Deals.
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Better customer relationships.
  • Market your business.
  • Communicate directly with clients/customers.

As a business owner you can broadcast to your followers deals & special offers to a highly targeted and relevant audience.

Users who follow your business want to receive your latest products or services and are interested in receiving communication from you, you have the ability to send direct messages to you follower list on offers specials and current deals.

For example a restaurant with followers in your area can broadcasts specials directly to followers in your area and get them to come to your restaurant that night, increasing business within hours.

The opening ration of your marketing message is 94% and messages are opened in under 3 minutes.

You are marketing your business to users who want to hear from you they have opted in to like your business.

Users appreciate messages from businesses they are interested in, we personally dislike marketing that we dont want to hear from its annoying but not with our app its relevant.

This will increase your customer loyalty and position your brand or service on the trusted sender list.

If you are looking to promote your local business or service Bizz Chat is for you.

  • Download the app.
  • Create a user profile.
  • Create your business.
  • Submit for approval.
  • Once approved start building your follower list.

The app is designed with users privacy in mind as well as assist businesses in gaining more business and customers who want to hear from you. Win Win for both.

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