• 06 March 2018
Project Description

Bizfocus360 - The mobile business application for field service, job scheduling and customer management. Cloud operated, smartphone, tablet and web based solution for any service business from one man bands to nationwide IT firms - get rid of pen and paper, time consuming tasks and take back control of your business.


  • Time tracking - instantly capture how much time you have spent on a customer job or project maximizing revenue and providing accurate records for both your business and your customers.
  • Job and Billing Consolidation - all jobs and parts can be merged into one invoice automatically, save combing through multiple employee time sheets or job reports.
  • Real time - the system is always up to date as soon as information is input so everyone shares the same view.
  • Bill you customer from the app - as soon as the job is finished the application will generate an invoice that the customer can click and pay immediately - improve cash flow to your business.
  • Employee Management - assign your field staff to a customer job, instantly update their schedule and track where they are and the status of the job.
  • Job and Customer History - make notes, upload photos, videos and audio to catalog a customer job so next time you or a colleague returns they can refer to information to aide in providing faster and better customer experiences.
  • Doc Library - maintain a central repository for all your manuals that is instantly available to all mobile devices so your employees always have off line manuals, guides and instructions available to them whether it's boilers, HVAC systems, pool pumps or network switches.
  • Price Lists - deploy company price lists to all your team mobile devices instantly that’s always up to date so they never have to carry around bulky binders again.
  • Employee Location - view the location of your employees on the map screen which helps you keep track of where people are and who is closest to the next customer.
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