Bioreactor Controller

  • 07 May 2018
Project Description

Fermentation bioreactor is a key equipment of brewery industry. A little variation in different factors such as temperature, pH, BOD etc. can contaminate the whole medium and alter the quality of the final product. Monitoring of these parameters is relatively laborious and time-consuming task. Bioreactorcontroller’s data integration podium connect the monitoring equipment of bioreactor, their related software’s and combined that information on the cloud.  Stored information examined digitally to give collective directions to controller and he/she can then monitor, manage and program their fermentation process remotely.

Key Features
  • Different parameters control like Temperature, O2, pH and visible range optical absorbance measurements.
  • Aeration, cell clogging and sedimentation control by stirring monitoring.
  • Data storage of previous fluctuation and graphical representation of different parameters like Temperature, pH.
  • Leakage notification by pressure controlling sensors.
  • Settings storage facility for multiple users and batch types.
Technology involved
  • Ionic
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Django

Live Preview
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