Mobiloitte Develope Advanced Process Automation Software for Biopharmaceutical 

Biotechnology has facilitated healthcare with advanced diagnosis methods and test kits, vaccines, hormones, radio-labelled therapeutics that leapfrog imaging and analysis in healthcare sector. Healthcare is a major growing concern worldwide because of infectious diseases. Health, life quality and expectancy of life have been increased worldwide through the services provided by biotechnology.

Our technology is establishing a data gateway system between different software and hardware, within the labs. We make facilitating data unified, quicker and more precise. At the scale of a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company, where laboratories are loaded with instruments, the benefits of IoT platform are even more definite. It eliminates much of the busywork of recording data in various places and minimize the risk of human error that comes with this progression. 

Concerned Industry
  • Antibodies and vaccines manufacturer,
  • Hormone and Enzyme manufacturing industry
  • ,Bionutraceuticals.
  • Large-scale production.
  • Product quality.
  • Testing of therapeutics.
  • Discard management.
  • Time limits and Work load.
  • Counterfeit drug detection 
  • Accurate testing of raw material and final products.
  • Validate incoming raw materials
  • Authenticate products and identify and validate pills
  • Waste management

Our Portfolio

Hydroponics   Spectra Spectophoto Meter App

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