Biofuels and Biogas

Biofuels have the capability to be the key replacement for fossil fuels in the near future. Mobiloitte trying to find out the main hurdles in the sectors and try to provide digital solutions accordingly. IoT and smartphone applications are advanced platforms and fully configured to manage the requirements of marketers, consumers, and producers of biofuels. Our smart management platforms cover the procurement of raw material, automation of bioprocess, transportation and storage, price risk management with futures and options, mark-to-market P&L, as well as sales and distribution of the finished product.

Transport by truck, rail, barge, or vessel is all supported. Mark-to-market calculations for purchases, sales, and inventory, for both the raw material and finished product, are provided for risk management. The next-generation BOTS and IoT platforms also provide conversion tracking to compare the input composition and quantity of the raw material used to create the product with the output composition and quantity of the resulting biofuel product.


  • Biodiesel production.
  • Commercial biogas production.
  • Research and development.


  • Large scale production.
  • Microorganism population control.
  • New research and findings are limited.
  • Production of the desired microorganism through genetic engineering.
  • Costly and laborious methods.


  • Speeding production through digital control.
  • Population counting through an app-controlled flow cytometer.
  • Digital solutions for research.
  • Automatic Sequencing data analysis and comparison.
  • Less laborious automated labs.
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