App Catalogue

In glassware and instrument manufacturing companies, product cataloging is a hectic task. In the present scenario, companies use hard copy and soft copy catalogue which is downloadable from the company website in pdf form. Hardcopy catalogue distribution and modification as per change is a tedious task where softcopy catalogue is difficult in downloading and searching for a specific product in pdf form is difficult. Moreover, time to time modification is needed in both forms.


E-Catalogue is a solution for all the challenges for the industry. It can provide products information on one place about their price, quality details, precautions as well as how to use instructions. Companies can put instruction for first time users in a form of demonstrative video. It is easy to change in any item information. There is also a cart facility where a user can buy directly from the company. The user doesn’t have a burden to download the soft copy of the catalogue for each product as well as an industry doesn’t have to send hard copy every time to the users or laboratories.

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