Digital Solutions in Agricultural Biotechnology

With more than seven billion mouths to feed, and counting, Agriculture biotechnology is giving some hope in the era of climate change, fertile land degradation, increased soil salinity, due to drop in groundwater, more frequent droughts and so on.

Technology has played an immense role in developing the agricultural industry. Continual technology innovations and recent advancements in information technology resulting in cheap, fast pacing and accurate digital solutions that are helping to boost productivity and usefulness to the world.

Concerned Industry
  • Agriculture universities and institutions
  • Genetically engineered seed production.
  • Crop improvement.
  • Climate change.
  • Soil salinity.
  • Microbial diseases.
  • Water availability.
  • Environmental factors.
  • Hydroponics and polyhouses management.
Mobiloitte Solutions
  • Monitoring of nutrients.
  • Climatic factors control in hydroponics.
  • In production of GM crops.
  • Monitoring of Hydroponics process.
  • Scheduling of future plans according to the Climate forecasting
  • Scan fruits and vegetables to assess their quality and sweetness
  • Test quality, sweetness and nutritional values of fruits and vegetables with no preparation
  • Comparative quality/taste/nutrient density
  • Ensure produce meets your brand standards
  • Optimize grain operations by bringing spectroscopic analysis out of the lab and into the field.

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