• 06 March 2018
Project Description

Activate is a revolutionary, advance and logical concept designed to manage your lifestyle, activities and fitness. Activate is developed with a dream to activate the lifestyle, fitness & potential of every citizen. With experts monitoring your lifestyle and recommending suitable goals, Activate is your true partner in health consciousness.

Activate your lifestyle:

ACTIVATE intelligently tells you your lifestyle level throughout the day so that you can understand your daily activity level and change it to be more active on a daily basis. Moving from sedentary to moderate active to very active lifestyle is now easy. Get your lifestyle and fitness assessed by our experts who would then give their recommendations as per your bio-individuality. Experts would set your goals as per your personal health targets and motivate you to achieve them. You can also set your own personal goals and achieve them.

Activate your Fitness:

Track your activities throughout the day and manage your own fitness. You can choose from over 800 activities, create your daily logs and monitor your daily, weekly and monthly trends. You can compare your actual calories burnt with that recommended by experts in order to keep yourself on track.

The APP also helps you to locate your favorite sport/ activity centers near you. Gyms, Zumba™ classes, dance classes and other sports, you can now find more activity options near you. Get notifications for various activities available near your location and never miss out on your favourite activity.

Activate your Potential:

We reward you for your hard work! Earn daily points for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, achieving goals and burning more calories. You can compete with friends and fellow members and move up the leaderboard ladder. Show the world your potential and strive to be the best.

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