Digital and IoT Application for Academic and Research Laboratories

With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) which consists of mobile app, various communication technologies, low cost sensors & devices, Research laboratories, Universities and colleges laboratories are adapting it very fast.  Apps with advanced computing ability are capable to run multiple advanced instruments and have tremendous practices in Biotechnology. This causes a major attraction for biotechnologists towards IoT because our products meet the needs of modern, efficient digital enterprise.

Our focus has been to create laboratory specific digital and IoT solution that can connect different types of lab equipment, and their related software, and combined that information on the cloud. Sensors loaded onto devices could collect data and communicate with cloud servers and noble devices through mesh networks.

Concerned Industry
  • Advanced research labs,
  • Academic institutions lab.
  • Development of new and effective products.
  • Control Environmental parameters.
  • Regular monitoring of manpower and machines.
  • Data storage and security.
  • Publication of new findings and Patenting.
  • Laboratory automation through control climatic conditions by mobile app.
  • App based instrument monitoring and manpower monitoring.
  • App based data management and easy access for the team by app.
  • Easy preparation of research manuscripts according to the Journal.
  • App based format and easy approachable research protocol.
  • Keeping and tracking of previous results and outcomes.
  • Management of chemicals, glasswares with reminder and make requirement lists.

Our Portfolio

Hydroponics   Spectra Spectophoto Meter App

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