Xamarin App Development Services

Performance oriented apps that meet business objectives

Cross-platform development yielding native performance.Xamarin is a cross- development platform that allows building apps with native UI, native API access and native performance on a shared C# codebase. Xamarin allows developing apps faster with automated testing to detect bugs before shipping the app. 

Xamarin mobile apps are built on shared codebase which allows developers to adopt “write-once-run-everywhere” approach.

Mobiloitte has been delivering hybrid apps from the time of its inception. Our team deliver cutting-edge application products on Xamarin and C# by scoping what’s best for clients. With a closely working team of product managers, business architects, designers, developers, server assistance and marketers we offer complete mobility solution on Xamarin.

Why get Xamarin applications developed?
  • Native performance 
  • Code sharing across platforms 
  • Shared App logic for faster development
  • Xamarin Component Store for collaboration & sharing
  • Savings on cost & time 
Mobiloitte advantages for Xamarin development
  • Certified Xamarin developers 
  • Highly experienced C# developers
  • Native UI/UX designers 
  • Server side support 
  • Post delivery maintenance 
Technological Expertise 
  • Highly Skilled C# and ASP.NET developers
  • Well versed in Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio and NuGet Package Manager
  • Automated App testing with 2000+ real devices using Xamarin Cloud
  • Object-based UI Testing 
  • API Integration 
Xamarin UI/UX design
  • User-centric User Experience Design
  • Engaging User Interface 
  • Harnessing Xamarin’s UI elements 
Resembling Native 
  • Native-like performance
  • Native-like UI
Automated Testing 
  • Xamarin Cloud based automated real-time testing with 2000+ devices
  • Beta testing for usability 
  • Dynamic testing

We at Mobiloitte understand that UI plays a crucial role in app success and positive usability. So, Mobiloitte carve interface of applications with an intuitive one-size-fit design with totally native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

Mobiloitte dedicated Xamarin developers leverage shared C# code-base, native UI, API and deliver apps that solve real-life problems in quick time to market and lesser development cost.


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