Fixed Bid model

Project Based Pricing or Fixed Bid Model eliminates surrounding expenses and increases chances of success

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Increased accountability:

Project based pricing facilitates for hour­-on-­hour monitoring and payment, thereby increasing accountability.

Pay only for the work done:

All works are digitally monitored and the information is shared over a secured network, allowing you to pay only for the work done.

Easy payment options:

Multiple payment options saves time and reduces effort.

Mobiloitte charges its clients on a Project Based Model. A fixed price quote is provided for your project after analyzing the detailed project specifications either provided by you or provided by us and approved by you.

The requirements and the quote is thus frozen before commencement of the project. Using this model we can easily arrive at an hourly rate which is charged to any revisions made to the original scope or specification.

Project Based Pricing – Fixed Bid model

The benefit of this model is that the requirements are frozen since the scope is well defined and approved and is unlikely to change much during the course of development.

Since, we believe in iterative delivery methodology, we employ a milestone based payment schedule which includes an initial payment which is a certain percentage of the total cost of the project depending upon the project size.

How we execute:

Step­1: Post with us your project requirements.

Step­2: Discuss project details with our analysts.

Step­3: Choose engagement terms and timelines.

Step­4: Get started.

Step­5: Receive delivery.

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