Water Purifier

A smart appliance is a state-of-the-art device that connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer to give you more information and control than ever before. Your smart appliance can send you alerts & usage details. You can also control your smart appliance remotely by using your phone. Mobiloitte provides robust, secure, cloud based end-to-end solution to solve these business challenges:
  • For customer convenience, Mobile app based support
  • Monitoring of important parameters e.g. Filter life, litres of water purified, tank status
  • Predictive maintenance of purifier
  • Insightful customer data and analytics
  • Powerful mobile marketing

Mobiloitte Team Developed the Following End-to-End Solution:

  • For BLE supported water purifier
  • For Wi-Fi supported water purifier

Our Deliverables:

Mobile App:
  • Monitor filter life, purity indicator, average water consumption, tank status
  • Set default time for filling one glass/bottles
  • Start/stop water dispensing for glass or bottle
  • Request for service
  • View offer
  • Buy product online
  • Set notes/greetings
  • Sync data with your backend.
  • Service engineer can register different filter from App.
  • App can upgrade firmware of purifier.
  • Service request history with status.
  • Auto complaint in case of faulty filter (in Wi-Fi model).
Admin panel:
  • Product registration
  • Setting up offers
  • Data analysis

Mobiloitte thus helped business & customer with ‘need’ basis maintenance rather than ‘ad-hoc’ maintenance and simplified water purifier operation for end users.

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