Smart Entertainment + Internet of Things + Big Data = Music Anytime, Anywhere

Combine user’s mobility, with big data analytics, and then throw in larger than life Internet of Things solutions like robotics, WiFi, etc. And behold, a smart entertainment industry that is omnipresent across time and geography.

Did you know that the streaming of music and videos from your mobile handsets is passe, and sharing them on social media through beacons and other robotics is just another beginning? There are no limits as to how deep this rabbit hole could go. Get in touch with us to know what else can be done to enhance your entertainment / music business.

Photo & Video Contest App

Top Star App

Top Star - video social network with monthly reward….

Volksquiz App

A multilingual Trivia quizzes app that has raised the gaming level bar...

Ben's Friend App

Photo/video daily competition social networking platform...

goSnippet App

GoSnippet - making audio sharing and messaging faster...

TV Any Time App

TV Anytime - video streaming and recording app….

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