Development Methodology

At Mobiloitte, we analyze the scope of the work required on the basis of its complexity and peculiarity. All projects are analyzed for the right methodology to be employed for its effective execution.

The Development Models Used at Mobiloitte:

Agile Development Model

The Agile Development Model facilitates effective documentation and modeling of software systems. It is an incremental model where software is developed and tested in incremental and rapid cycles which result in smaller incremental releases of the codes. This model is best suited when multiple changes are to be made during the project lifecycle since this model promotes effective documentation of all processes. Our execution model includes the following:

  • A constant feedback interchange system is put in place to facilitate unbroken communications between the testers, customers and developers to sort out software issues
  • Customer satisfaction is promoted via rapid and continuous delivery of useful software
  • People and their suggestions are emphasized upon via systematized interactions
  • A system for face-to-face interactions between the developers and business owners are put in place
  • Continuous attention and improvement of design and technical excellence is prioritized
  • Regular reviews and adaptation are taken up for meaningful project execution
  • Edits very close to the completion stage are facilitated

Waterfall Model

The Waterfall Model, also referred to as a linear or sequential life cycle model is used when each phase of development until deployment must be completed and tested before the next phase can start. At Mobiloitte, we use this model for smaller projects with stable product definition and the technology to be used is understood. The testing of the developed code starts only after all individual development phases are complete and have passed QC checks. At the end of each developmental phase, a review takes place to determine if the project is on track. If not, the project is discarded and begun from scratch.

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