Mobile Gaming

Trends of Mobile Games like Pokemon, Star Knight & Parallel Kingdom

Gaming has been a popular pastime for many young people since the Atari first made its debut. Since then it has evolved from two tone colour graphics and simplistic play to life-like animation and near total immersive gaming experiences involving hundreds or even thousands of people playing and competing online. Today, console brands like Xbox and PlayStation are household names but there is a new player in the game and it’s not a console.

Mobile gaming apps are the up and coming rising star of the gaming world with many mobile game developers hoping to cash in on the sudden popularity of gaming on mobile devices. But why are so many people paying to play on a mobile device when they could have a more immersive experience on a console? The first answer is convenience. Mobile devices are with us every waking minute of every day and many people already appreciate the convenience of organizing their lives through these devices. Handling our finances on our phones is commonplace so why shouldn’t we game on them as well? There’s no need to wait until you’re home to play. Simply find a comfortable location and you can play to your heart’s content.

Speed is another factor in the rising popularity of mobile gaming apps. On long commutes or when waiting for an appointment, many people are looking to be engaged and entertained instantly. While mobile games may lack the depth of their console cousins, simplistic designs allow for quick, entertaining play.

Pricing also benefits the mobile gamer in comparison to consoles. Most mobile gaming apps are very cheap or even free which means mobile gamers can access many more titles as opposed to console gamers. Let’s have a look at few of the popular gaming apps:

  • Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile gaming application and free-to-play available. But it supports in-app purchases of other game play items. It is completely based on Augmented Reality feature. You can play this game with different modes like single and multi-player. It is only available for two major platforms like iOS and Android. According to Survey Monkey, Niantic mobile app (Pokemon Go) has become the biggest game of 2016.
  • Trivia Crack is an addictive trivia game that allows gamers to play against their social media friends or challenge complete strangers
  • Faster Than Light (FTL) takes gamers into outer space to battle an armada of rebels, pirates and other enemies
  • NBA 2K15 is the mobile version of the popular basketball game of the same name. This mobile app is an almost exact replica of its console cousin
  • Real Racing 3 takes you behind the wheel of a variety of high performance racing cars driven on realistic tracks that make it seem like you are really there

So with number of people going mobile globally set to rise further, is there a doubt as to the future of mobile games. You got it right friend!