Strategic Technology Trends for 2017

The three themes that completes the basis for strategic technology trends 2017, includes, intelligent, digital, and mesh. These technologies has started to showcase the emerging state and stand to have substantial disruptive potential across different industries.

1. Intelligent

With the technology advancement, AI and machine learning are exposed to new reach. Every technology enabled services, thing or application will increasingly augment and extend virtually. To accord the new roots of technology, what is important today is creating intelligent systems that can learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously, then simply follow the predefined instructions. Hence, the intelligent theme incorporates Advanced Machine Learning & AI, Intelligent Apps and Intelligent Things.

A. Advanced Machine Learning and AI

With the advancement in technology, now advanced Machine learning and AI is one of the most talked trend. More of, Advanced Machine Learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI), which is targeted to equip computers with the ability to learn without explicitly programmed. Hence, the Machine Learning  emphasis on development of computer programs, that can couple and change when exposed to new data.

AI and machine learning includes technologies such as deep learning, neural networks, and natural-language processing, enabling more advanced systems that have exciting features to understand, learn, predict, adapt, and potentially operate autonomously.

B. Intelligent Things

What these intelligent things refer to? Generally, it encompasses three categories: robots, drones and autonomous vehicles. Well, the expectation is more, that evolution in the respective area will occur to support this phase of digital business, and will witness the transformation in the larger segment of the market. The days are not far when home, office, medical facility and etc., will be powered by AI enabled systems.

C. Intelligent Apps

Not to mention, intelligent applications will be non less than the current technological evolution, comprising to leverage data or metadata, algorithms and continuous learning approach for anticipating and improving the connect approach with people and machines.

The three major layers of Intelligent app includes, innovative data and metadata stores, data intelligence systems applied by the Machine Learning/AI and the third layer comprised of predictive intelligence. Well, these three layers are connected by a feedback loop collecting data based on the interaction between humans and machines. And this will automatically helps in improving the quality and outcome of the intelligent apps, and expected that world’s top 200 companies to explore intelligent apps to make huge improvements  by 2018.

2. Digital

A. Augmented and Virtual Reality

The most intrigued idea of Strategic Technology Trends are combining the virtual and physical worlds, specifically in order to engage customers with smartphones to better understand the real world. Although, the use of this approach can be beneficial in simulated experiences, molecular modeling,  healthcare therapies and remote management. The virtual reality would be used few areas only.

B. Digital Twin

The digital twin refers to the cloud-based virtual representation of a physical asset. Further, the complex prognostics and Intelligent Maintenance System platforms can make out the use of digital twins in finding the exact cause and improve productivity, analyze and simulate real world conditions, responds to changes, improve operations and add value.

Examples of industrial applications are as follow:
  • Aircraft Engines

  • Wind Turbines

  • Large Structures

C. Blockchain

The blockchain technology is another wave in the internet world, which is an ingenious invention. By allowing digital information distribution without copying, the blockchain technology has now created the backbone of a new type of internet. Blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts are gaining traction because they promise to transform industry operating models in industries including, music distribution, identify verification and title registry.

3. Mesh

Let’s, understand what mesh refers to, it is a dynamic connection with people, processes, things and services that support intelligent digital ecosystems.  Further, with the transformation, the user experience is also upgraded, so as the connected technology and security.

A. Conversational Systems

We can’t escape out from the conversational system, as we are already boarded on the revolutionary change in the field of technology. This system can range from simple, informal, text or voice conversations to complex interactions such. It is good to have conversational systems, which has shifted from, people adapt to computers (e.g., sight, sound, tactile, etc.),

to one where the computer hears and adapts to a person’s  outcome.

B. Digital Technology Platforms

Digital technology platforms have hit digital business arena, considered to be important building blocks and  a critical enabler to become a core digital business. Well, we understand, every organization goes with the five digital technology platforms, including, Information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence, the Internet of Things and business ecosystems. These innovative platforms and services for IoT, AI and conversational systems will be an important discussion and focus area through 2020

Thus, it is must for companies to determine, how the industry platforms are going to evolve. Strategies  should be made to overcome and manage the challenges of digital business easily.

C. Mesh App and Service Architecture

In this fast evolving technology world, in order to develop solution, the intelligent digital mesh needs to modify the architecture, technology and tools.  This mesh app and service architecture (MASA) are a multi channel solution architecture used to deliver modular, flexible and dynamic solutions based on cloud and serverless computing, APIs and events.

D. Adaptive Security Architecture

Security is one of the most concerned topic in the IoT environment. Thus, there should be fluid and adaptable perspective in the evolution of the intelligent digital mesh and digital technology platforms and application architectures. In the early design of applications or IoT solutions, high definition security teams need to be coupled with the application, solution and enterprise architects. A full proof security and use of user and entity behavior analytics is soon to become the huge demand in the virtual world.

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