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Warning: Startups, You are Losing Money by Not Using OffShore Software Development

Tell us if this is you – an entrepreneur with a technical background that would love to energetically participate in the product development. On the other hand this could reduce your time and ability to keep focused on the customer development process, conduct and analyze results of experiments and “get out of the building” to talk to the customers and get insights. Taking into consideration the fact that you have money and have decided to hire someone for software development, would you consider hiring an off-shore software development center?

You wouldn’t go for off-shore software development because:


  • Your requirement is not very well defined

You face difficulties in getting people on the same page and this drives you nuts. The problem with requirements is you often can’t say everything.

  • You cannot communicate it properly

Add this issue to the previous one especially if you are considering hiring an off-shore development center and yes, you feel like Khaleesi’s dragons, almost breeding fire around you

  • They simply don’t know what you are talking about

The worst part is the overconfident ones – those who quote you a price and sign on straight away, having no idea what you’re talking about.

  • You feel like talking to a sheep

You have tried to explain to ideas to several offshore people from varying backgrounds and cultures and it was a complete disaster. Perhaps all you get is the famous head nodding (I am sure you will identify the particular country now).

On the other hand you are confident in hiring an off-shore development center because:

  • They’d help you build the product or the MVP (the Minimum Viable Version) of that product

… while you are preparing yourself for the pitch and build your network. You may also face difficulties finding a tech co-founder? My favorite example is the story of Noah Kagan the famous founder of AppSumo, the marketplace for entrepreneurs willing to expand and growthhack their business with various tools and knowledge resources and tako lover. I love the guy, and I would love my wife to have his baby some day. Noah wrote that he hired a team for South East Asia to help him with App Sumo at a super bargain price and only within a week’s time Not bad Mr. “millionaire over a weekend”.

We do have a story of our own to brag with. Alex Prandecki reached us to help him develop a mobile app that was literally ready to threaten and compete with Facebook in its model of connecting people based on event interaction. The guy’s amazing, and his ideas even more. He outsourced the software development part to us and together we have created something beautiful.

  • They ‘d be tech savvy thus they’d add value to your process, and they’d communicate crisp and clear

Guess what. Mobiloitte roars the off-shore development stage in India since 2006. Multiple industries, multiple startups, multiple startup founders, and yes international team of professionals to ensure that you are being understood 100% no matter the weird dialect you speak or the weird dialect we talk back to you.  But why would you believe me on my words. Here is what Andrew Ceen, an entrepreneur from USA had to say about Mobiloitte. (I know it is dejavu, but what the hell…)

  • They’d have clear project management process and client engagement structure

Your project milestones are clearly defined, and you would work with a clearly defined team structure (team lead, designer, QA tester, developer etc. that ensures that you know your ground right from the start and that they will be no hidden costs anywhere in the process from scope to delivery. Their discovery phase is great and they have well established white boarding and scoping methodology and tools to do it smoothly (read about why should you care about this).

Yeah, that’s what would make a great off-shore development center. Seek not anything less than this.

  • Their hourly rates are competitive

In fact way more competitive than yours. Your opportunity costs become visible and bumps you in your nose any time you’re cross a door of open your budget estimation costs. (if you want to know ours, check here . You could spend hours where you belong and do what is meant for you to do – Build market for your business. When you outsource it you will probably get a partner with the same level of expertise (probably even more based on the years of experience) but you will definitely get a partner with way more discipline and strength of structure. I mean come on, this is what we do!

  • They are from Indian subcontinent

Yes, we are the guys with the funny head nodding thing. We communicate and speak English excellently and far better than Chinese, and we do not forbid  YouTube. We have been on the market since 2006 and only in this quarter we have hired 50 new developers (Android, iOS, PhP, Rails, name the framework, name the platform). We have found the way to offer you the most competitive enterprise class hourly rate you’ll ever find. And yes, we have started 5 sentences in a row with “We” still being confident enough that you will not find us as arrogant, but instead you would want to know more by downloading the checklist for selecting the best outsourcing model.

One last thing – we love to give. We are best givers when we give knowledge. In case you Megatron kind of brain did not manage to notice the link taking you to a hugely helpful resource in case you evaluate off-shore development centers, then you can do it below