Indian App Market Trends

The Rise of Internet Usage and The Blooming Mobile App Trends in India

With the arrival of internet in the current perspective, the schemes of things in the present world have changed drastically. Almost every single aspect of lifestyle has altered largely and has become incredibly dependent on the services that are received from the internet. India has been a bit slow to jump on the internet services bandwagon but the pace at which the things have been transpiring, one can simply believe that the scenario will change in a way and at a pace that in no time the country has came up a long way in this regard. As per a recently conducted study and research by McKinsey & Co., an estimation of user base between 330 to 370 million internet users by 2015 has been projected.

Presently an individual with a working internet connection and some knowledge of traversing through the web can find an array of ways of doing the required things as almost all services and products have found a way to web. The services like shopping are prominently observed but in the recent times few more things like matchmaking and gaming have also started to feature on the usage charts of internet.

Below is a categorical discussion of the rising trends in this respect.


Matchmaking is something that is an utterly enjoyed ordeal in Indian perspective. Before internet has arrived into the scene, matchmaking was one of the most frequent indulging areas for the aunts of the family. But as internet has started to gain prominence, people can find suitable partners from the listed profiles on the web. is one such website which has been established not much before but is becoming a hit amongst the users. The growth record in this particular genre especially in the Indian perspective has been phenomenal in the last two years and therefore it offers quite bright prospects of gains for the investors willing to grope up some money in this particular genre. With a 100% month on month growth in terms of downloads, this sector is sure to gain a lot of popularity and indulgence.


The Indian shopping place is one of the most affected genres from the internet surge. The number of online platforms delivering items to the buyers has increased at a phenomenal rate. It is expected that the Indian ecommerce will cross the 100 million mark in terms of shoppers.

 These platforms not only deliver stuff to the buyers but also offer certain kinds of discounts and offers that tempt the buyers to opt for the non conventional online shopping method than the more conventionally opted marketplace approach. Electronics and apparel shopping has seen the biggest hike when it comes to online shopping.

 Websites like Flipkart and Snapdeal, which are floated by Indian entrepreneurs, have made a big name and an even bigger market for themselves. As in the case of shopping majors Myntra which has decided to go all mobile app based recently, the shopping websites have started to make efforts towards capitalizing the ever expanding Smartphone using customer base.  Therefore the latest trend in this regard is to make sure that effective monopoly can be established over the Smartphone market.

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Almost all the gaming fraternities offer a trial version of the games on the online platform before actually launching them in the market for the customers to buy them. Also the rise in the number of role play gaming options has increased the number of engagements in online gaming genre. These role playing games have in a way captured the imagination of a big chunk of frequent internet users. One of the most successful websites is which has a huge user base. The gaming industry is expanding at the rate of around 150 percent annually owing to the fact that the internet connectivity and access is looking at a generic hike in the successive years.  As per a recent study conducted by RNCOS namely, “Indian Mobile Gaming Market Forecast upto 2017” it has been understood that the gaming market is estimated to cross the revenue of 18.5 Billion by 2017 with a tremendous CAGR of around 24%.

Thus it can be aptly stated that internet has become a part of the Indian lifestyle and is being explored to service in varying genres. Therefore it can be obviously believed that the internet engagements are here to stay as they are making the life easier and more fun.