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Refurbishing Modus-Operandi in Transportation & Logistics with OCR Mobile App

Transactional Challenges that degrade workflow management@ Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics needs meticulous coordination in operations and supervision of transactions engaged in processing of tasks. Globalization has shortened the list of barriers but has enhanced the operational work at the back offices. Organizations keep looking for efficient people who can handle the document processing and logistics work involved in this dynamic industry. Shipping companies, logistics companies, terminal operators, custom brokers etc. have to strive hard to implement efficient management processes that can speed transactions and make operations more efficient.

Need to improve efficiency and rapidity in operations – why?

There is a need of immediate acceleration in document processing and related operation in order to improve productivity and rationalizing cost in the sector.

Following are certain tasks which have better scope of modernization:

  • Documentation processing operations during shipping, accounting, taxation, border- checks, custom points, vehicle-movement etc.
  • Sales management processes & inventory processes;
  • Standardization and compliance adherence operations;
  • Auditing and supervising 

Is mobile Technology creating positive ripples in the sector?

Mobile Technology has already paved its way in the working ambiance of logistics and transportation companies. Companies are providing their personnel multi-purpose mobile devices with effective software & mobile apps, that have facilitated their work load to a great extent. Innovative mobile apps are immensely helping them to coordinate and report within the supply or logistics chain of the transportation companies. For instance, the apt use of built-in cameras, bar-code & label printers, scanners, RFID Tags, GPS, voice recognition software, shared logistics networks etc. have allowed the company’s personnel in managing work efficiently irrespective of their geographical barriers, documentation hurdles, paper usage etc.

Has OCR Mobile technology leveraged speed, control and efficiency in the working system?

The evolution of OCR mobile technology has revolutionized transportation and logistics sector through its innovative technology and mechanism. Transportation of goods and freight through trucks, ships, trains or planes involve vast amount of data processing operations. Statistics reveal that with conventional methods, 96% of processing work including invoices, costing, verification and saving was operated manually leading to increase in labor cost and consumption of time.

OCR i.e. Optical Character recognition mobile technology gives leverage to the companies in mechanizing processed data from the documents. It will scan the data instantly and can make requisite number of copies within short span of minutes.

  • Shipping documents like waybills, receipts, invoices etc. can be instantly copied and edited in mobiles. With every new consignment, same documents can be processed with necessary alteration via OCR mobile apps, leading to fast transactions with efficiency.
  • It would be easier to acknowledge and submit Proof of Deliveries or Bill of Lading through OCR Mobile Technology.
  • Invoice processing can never be that convenient and earlier. With adoption of this innovative mobile technology, it is more swift, accurate and instant.
  • Archiving of digital data, fast processing of necessary vehicle documents etc. is possible via OCR mobile technology.
  • Paper based work-orders are becoming history. The essence of OCR mobile technology has helped organization achieve workflow efficiency, resource utilization and customer satisfaction.

Mobile App developers are able to customize the incredible through Mobile Apps

Transport and logistics companies can approach the well-known mobile app developing companies in order to introduce and implement OCR Mobile technology in their business model.  The mobile app developing companies are well equipped with potentially experienced engineers and professionals who can instill the requisite features and provisions in the app as per client’s requirements. Incredible OCR mobile apps are blessing in actual for these companies when it comes to improving the speed of transactions and efficiency of operation.