PHP Programming

Why PHP is So Popular?

A comparative outlook of usability of server-side programming languages for websites

PHP is considered as a widely used programming language. It is certainly the most sought after technology in the world of web, and that too over a couple of decades now. There is no question mark about the recognition and magnetism of PHP.

If we talk about the web world, in the last couple of years, PHP has emerged as one of the most chosen A-list programming language that has been leading programming landscape altogether. PHP is not only popular and developer friendly but also robust in nature. The entire Facebook, which is considered to be the coolest thing , is based upon PHP, thus speaking about its user friendly platform.

Python has emerged to be quite an eminent language that is being used for web development as well as for general usage too. Java is another general language that is majorly used in Server side or mobile development. So it can be very well quoted about PHP being a stable and a dominant player in the market, still carrying its eminence with grace. In this highly competitive era, technology indeed plays an extremely imperative role, PHP if coupled up with some of the other latest platforms can make the best possible package available in the market.

Here are a few reasons, you might call PHP Hot:

  • PHP is used for banking, research, e-commerce, social media, etc.
  • In spite of having some downsides, it is the most widely used programming languages for websites, with more than 81.6 percent websites being constructed upon the string foundation of PHP.
  • Being, a language that is particularly intended for web programming with integrated open source database My SQL, PHP has its own set of strengths also.

Explore a series of research undertaken by recognized entities with respect to the comparative study amongst server side programming languages for websites:

PHP Stats

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Historical trends in the usage of server-side programming languages for websites
Historical trends in the usage of server side programming languages February 2016

Strengths of PHP:

Easy to begin with
If you are a beginner, you got to start with PHP. All you would need is a few PHP tags in the present HTML files and upload them to server. All you need to be alert is about any of the errors, or you can just simply enjoy the result. Features like dynamic typing and associative arrangements make things extremely easier for you.

Extremely user-friendly
If you compare PHP with the other solutions like Java for instance, you would not require compiling PHP. All you need to do is simply write the script and upload the same to the server and then to the browser.

Inbuilt database Support
Mostly PHP is integrated with support from most popular databases such as My SQL, so in a way it self-explains that you may start using databases, without the installation of drivers. PHP gained a successful figure owing to the web based admin tool, PHP My Admin.

Old yet Gold
As rightly believed that old is Gold, PHP no doubt is ageing, being widely and successively used since 1995. However ever since then, its user base has been expanding even today. There are numerous web oriented frameworks, libraries, blogs systems, e-shopping portals, etc. that swear by the use of PHP and its success.

Economical Hosting
Since the language is so widely accepted, there is certainly no hassle in looking for hosting for PHP. It has been around for such a long time and is amiable with Linux as well as Windows.