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What a USA Based Entrepreneur Wanted from his Off-Shore Development Center?


When I first joined Mobiloitte, there was this unadorned discussion in the top management that could have ended up in few different ways. A decision was made to rebrand 7 years-old organization and call it Mobiloitte.

The purpose was clear. We wanted our new name and brand to express our focus clearly – End-to-end Mobile application Development Company working with all dominating and most niche mobile app technologies and platforms. This is why I was brought on board and selected to assist the process of re-branding and re-positioning.

The purpose was clear. We wanted our new name and brand to express our focus clearly – End-to-end Mobile application Development Company and off-shore development center working with all dominating and most niche mobile app technologies and platforms. This is why I was brought on board and selected to assist the process of re-branding and re-positioning.

However something else was not clear.

Our identity.

How are we?

How are we going to make a difference?

Why would you work with us?

Therefore an extensive competition research was conducted to find out how our competitors have chosen to brand themselves and what image according to them would work best for different industry verticals.

What we found out is that our main mobile app development competitors in India and globally are using a theme based on design to establish their positioning framework.  Design led engineering and design driven development are the taglines our competitors used to pitch their services.

Therefore, the team and I were proud as peacocks, determining that our message will be something around design. We were certain that presently design is what works best on the market for mobile app development. ‘Something design Something.

–          No – Our founder said!

–          WooW, what? Hold on, why not?

–          Forget design!

–          But, Mr. Boss, design is OK because:

Point #1 – Everything is about design nowadays. Design makes 50% out of everything. User Interface is the first point of touch between a user and a mobile app.

Point #2 – We are good at UI and UX design and we have already proven it in our portfolio. Why not take it further and make it umbrella, a mantra of our brand (“something design something”).

“Yes, all this is true”, he said.

“Well, then…?”

Design is not what we do best. We are even better at something else!

I was about to sit cross legged and fold my hands (a habit I started acquiring because of my 3 years stay in India). I knew that something great was going to come something like a sermon, something valuable but which will be scattered around pile of preaching (that’s how most CEOs talk in India), a gold dust I will have to filter from the mud, because I knew that our marketing pitch, our elevator pitch is about to be born.  It will be my task to recognize it and reduce a sermon into 1 line mantra.

“Most application development companies preach stunning design and UI. Some of them actually do it” – He said. “But we have excelled in another part of the mobile app development cycle which is most crucial. That is the part which is not being given too much attention until a mobile app grows 1.000 users and more”.

Shall I summarize it in 3 words?


Discovery phase matters because:

  • It confirms that what the idea person wants his mobile app to be able to do is actually doable on a hand size smartphone device whose computing powers are not the same as PC. Today users expect a mobile app to do even more than a PC.
  • It helps the idea person to clears and streamlines his thoughts and teaches him to establish an early pitch for his mobile app or what would be the main thing that his app will perform and will be used for. I wish you knew how many enthusiasts came with a great idea pumped from different sides yet being unable to explain that the mobile app will do X thing in Y amount of time and will give Z benefit to the potential users. Trust us, our clients have found this to be priceless and they keep thanking us for this approach.

This is the reason why we have introduced a clear and detailed questionnaire tool. The tool helps our clients in the concept and wire-framing stage of the app development process. This in return sharpens their focus and clarifies what the app is going to be about.


Do I have to bleed myself writing over why security matters in mobile app development? Most apps require web services. The time it takes for the app’s backend  to establish communication with web services is the most vulnerable and lucrative point for attack. In our experience most mobile app development companies do not focus enough on educating their prospects how the app communicates with web services and how are we going to handle the load once an app gets 1.000 or 10.000 users.


How would your app scale and perform under increased load? Do you work with a partner that takes Scope Management for both Waterfall and Agile mobile app development process part of their DNA? Are we going to use our own local server or virtual server on the Cloud to host everything that matters around your app? Have you ever thought of asking your mobile app development company for these insights? You should because they decide who will take responsibility if your mobile app starts crashing like a drunken Lannister. In both cases the NDAs you will be asked to sign will be different. You wouldn’t want your mobile app developer to assign the guild of your app crashing under load to some Cloud right?

These are 3 aspects of our mobile app development process we have excelled and constantly improved our self throughout the year, because Mobiloitte was among the first to understand and preach the importance of them.

For those who will say that these 3 are default for a good mobile app developer, I would say (1) nothing is default in the mobile app development process, but rather a constant beta, a work in progress, a constant improvement and (2) nothing is default unless you specify it between you and your mobile app developer.

One of our most recent business relationships Andrew Ceen from USA.  He contacted us for developing iPhone mobile application. Andrew makes a great summary plus adds few great points that every prospect for mobile app development services can follow:

  • Knowledge of the industry
  • Strong communication
  • Ability to execute the tiniest details in a requirement

He used perfect “pixel application and “fantastic” to describe his experience with Mobiloitte. Not bad I would say. If you have 2 minutes, grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a look at his entire testimonial.