IoT in Transportation

New Era of Transportation with Embedded IoT tracking


Internet of Things (IoT) technology which has gained traction in past couple of years is now being implemented for a wide variety of applications. Gartner Inc. forecasts a staggering 6.4 billion connected objects will be in use worldwide by the end of 2016. In 2016 itself, 5.5 million new things are getting connected every day. The number of connected things will reach 20.8 billion by 2020. All these statistics implicate that IoT will revolutionize the technology world in near future.

IoT will bring about a paradigm shift in the transportation industry with embedded IoT tracking systems. There are various challenges in the existing transportation management systems.  Following are few scenarios where Internet of Things will facilitate implementation of smart transportation systems.

Bus Transportation

Iot in Bus


The public transport system faces the challenge of providing accurate real-time information to the passengers. The current bus transportation system doesn’t have a mechanism to provide exact information on the arrival time of the bus based on traffic conditions. During rush hours, it is a concern for the passengers to get a seat.

IoT based Solution

The IoT technology will help in providing intelligent bus transportation systems. With the help of an RF(radio frequency) module, a bus can transmit signals which can be received by the bus stop.  The bus will have a Static IP address attached to it.The bus can relay information such as its current location, the number of passengers in the bus and the estimated time of arrival of the bus at a particular bus stop. The bus stop can relay this information to the bus transportation management website. Passengers can get this information with the help of internet. For the passengers waiting for the bus at a bus stop, the information on the number of people inside the bus will also be helpful. Being well informed, the passengers can plan their travel and have a comfortable journey.

Logistics Transportation

IoT in Logistics


The transportation and timely delivery of goods is a big challenge for logistic companies as there are no competent systems in place which could monitor, track and adjust schedules for vehicles to suit the travel conditions. Most of the logistics providers have to depend on their workforce to stay updated on the status of the shipments. The optimum usage of fuel is also a big concern for the logistic service providers. The logistics company needs to keep a track of all their assets to ensure the security of the shipments

IoT based Solution

Embedded IoT systems will introduce unmatched efficiency in the logistic transportation process. IoT embedded systems on the delivery vehicles will help the logistic providers to keep a track of the assets.  Logistic assets will get a real-time information on the current location of the vehicle and traffic conditions. They can reroute their assets based on traffic conditions to ensure delivery on time.  The IoT based systems will also be able to track the status of the vehicle such as its speed, whether it is in motion, idling or stopped. IoT systems will also help to decide the break times for the drivers.  The logistics providers can also keep a track of the fuel to prevent theft, draining and overfilling.

Personal Transportation

IoT in Cars


In the case of personal transportation, the major concerns are safety and operational cost. With the number of vehicles increasing every day, traffic congestion is also a pain point for commuters.

IOT based Solution

The vehicle tracking systems based on IoT technology will pave the way for smart cars. The connected vehicles will provide a safer travel with a reduction in car crashes due to the vehicle to vehicle communication. IoT based embedded solutions will help in lowering operational cost by providing accurate real-time traffic information.


IoT is definitely changing the landscape of transportation, building perfectly track-able and automated automobiles communication with sensors for public transportation, logistic solutions as well as personal vehicles.

The era of connected transportation vehicles embedded with web and mobile apps to track, monitor, analyze and control is the new era of traveling on roads.

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