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Modernizing the Working Processes in Educational Institution by Switching on to OCR Mobile Apps

Educational institutions and working processes- an insight

The tedious working processes in educational institutions i.e. schools, colleges, institutes and universities never come in limelight though they are extremely important in channelizing the dynamics and operations in education sector. Document processing and record keeping is essential in every institution. The generic observation is that in proportion to limited manpower and resources, the load of documentation & information is quite high. It involves managing thousands of documents, handling volumes of information, tracking numerous records and safeguarding all of them. It includes complex challenges like compliance adherence, paper based filing of admissions, results, student records, teacher’s records etc. The era of digitization may have brought certain amount of relief in the system but still it involves manual processes. 

OCR Mobile Apps is the need of the hour-How?

Today, educational institutions requires sophisticated, integrated and technology driven management processes to run the working administration. OCR Mobile apps is based on Optical Character Recognition technology which can help in scanning and copying & protecting the data or the saved information like admission forms, syllabus, student records, institution records, legal documents etc. The outcome is that the institution is able to save the time and energy of its employees, improve their efficiency in bringing innovative ideas for the betterment of the institutions. 

What are the benefits to institutions through OCR Mobile Apps?

Today there are plenty of OCR mobile apps that are prevalent in the market and are running on available mobile OS i.e. iOS as well as Android. Educational institutions can bring a positive transformation in their working processes by adopting these apps because:-

  • These OCR mobile apps are sufficiently capable of addressing the challenges faced by the educational institutions.
  • These apps can easily convert any scanned paper, images, and PDF documents into editable documents. Thus, the probability to make essential alterations is quite better.
  • In educational institutions there is huge requirement of paper; thus leads to heavy consumption of paper, electricity and manpower cost. With OCR Mobile apps, the institutions can minimize this cost to a substantial extent.
  • Most importantly, these apps can streamline the educational processes in consideration to speed in service, extraction of information, data-distribution and saving of time.
  • The adoption of modernized technology like OCR mobile apps can gradually eliminate or minimize manual data entry system with time. It will lead to an improvement in productivity of institution and display a progressive example in front of the society.

Mobile App Developing companies are leaving no stone unturned in experimenting with technology and innovation to launch work-effective mobile apps for the users.  Under OCR Mobile App development services, they have initiated two kinds of frameworks on mobile devices- Standalone processing system and Server based OCR. The basic statistical difference as observed is that server based mobile OCR apps accuracy in character recognition is 5 % more than standalone and in format recognition; its accuracy is 99.8%. In consideration to educational institution where computers are integrated, server based OCR will be more effective than standalone.


In a nutshell, OCR Mobile Apps can redefine the style of working processes in educational institutions. There is a need to decide on the Mobile App Developing Company that can suitably develop the OCR mobile app that can meet institution’s challenges and requirements.