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iPhone 6 Features Which Will Make Steve Jobs Truly Rest in Peace

It looks that Steve Jobs will finally be able to truly rest in peace. After the ability of Apple to truly innovate on their iPhone series has been severely questioned during the announcement of iPhone 5C and 5S which turned out to be nothing new but re-packing of existing features (and better maps), things seem to take different route very quickly for iOS developers and particularly for end users, as Apple announced that something new is going to come during its event on 9th of September 2014.

iPhone 6 with larger screen sizeresolution

One popular iPhone 6 feature will be larger screen – a 4.7-inch model launching first and a 5.5-inch model also being unveiled at the same time, but possibly shipping a bit later or in constrained supply. OK, you may say that this is a spot where Samsung’s Next Big Things nailed it well in advance. Don’t rush, it is Apple we are talking about, and just a simple bigger screen will not probably be the only thing we will see.

New screen resolution

iphone 6 resolution

The iPhone 6 is expected to use a screen with a 3xscale. Developer James Thompson has found an interesting behavior in the latest iOS 8 beta, giving even more weight to the reports that indicate the iPhone 6 will feature a new resolution, featuring a new ‘pixel-tripling’ scaling factor of 3.

Using a set of test images with @1x, @2x and @3x suffixes, the code will always load the 3x asset, even though — per documentation — it should select the image for the current device’s screen scale. For clarity, each test image is numbered for which scale it represents. Thus, the number 3 in the iOS Simulator shows that iOS has selected the image suitable for a 3x screen scale.

Keep in mind that this does not highlight a specific resolution that will be found on the new iPhone 6, but only it gives insight that the new iPhone 6 will have significantly more pixels than iPhone 5

Sapphire composite

The new iPhone 6 phone screen is expected to come with a new component called sapphire crystal by which it should be much better able to withstand both shattering and scratching. This would give Apple a considerable advantage over the rest of the market, which finally mostly uses Gorilla Glass, by already uses sapphire crystal it to cover the fingerprint sensor and camera on its iPhone 5S. It’s not clear whether all models of the iPhone will feature the new material, but it’s estimated sapphire will cost Apple $16 per phone to make, compared to $3 for glass,

Wireless charging


This could be one of the most disrupting iPhone 6 features ever. In 2012 Apple filled a patent for “Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment:” … essentially a central hub able to power a device without wires.

This could possibly explain the new front sensor which was noticed on the leaked images from an ex employee in the hardware department of Foxconn factory in China where most of iPhones are beig produced. Whether they are genuine or not, this copy of Apple’s wireless charging patent seem to tell lot more.

Highly sensitive touch

It is estimated that iPhone 6 have a highly extra sensitive touch  which also have the ability to measure the pressure. Because of its  highly sensitivity, it  detects the finger print of user and provides a  feature of high security. Then it also provides the ease of dual  functioning by using a single button just because of difference of  pressure.

Waay tinner.sleek iphone 6

Hold on a moment. Some of us are not so geeky and keeping their inhalators close due to excitement for the all new software features that may appear on the new iPhone 6. There are still those who would prefer to hold a piece of style in their hands before checking what’s inside it. Apple seem to have thought of their share of satisfaction too. The new iPhone 6 is expected to be waay thinner. How thinner? Unbox Therapy in their video forecasts that the iPhone 6 will be so thin that the new iPod touch which is widely celebrated for its sleekness will be able to perfectly fit into an iPhone 6 case.

Awesome camera…

How awesome? We’’ know after few days from now Apple’s move to hire Ari Partinen, the Nokia engineer behind the Lumia cameras can be seen as a move to develop great camera techniques for the iPhone. Recent patent filings by Apple suggest a new stabilization mode which will increase the pixel size of the 8MP shooter found on the iPhone.

We are not completely sure if all iPhone geeks and fans will be equally happy for the arrival of the new iPhone 6 because its price is expected to be the highest ever, probably exceeding $800 if purchased without a contract. Part of the community already manifests concern whether large screen and more powerful camera will ads more on the existing battery problems which are classically attached to an iPhone device.

What remains is to see Apple’s demonstration on 9th of September. In between feel free to ad some of the features you’d expect to see on the new iPhone 6, below in comments