The importance of UI and UX in mobile apps

You might have heard people discussing the User Interface (UI) and User Experience Design (UX) of a mobile app. Most of the time these terms is used interchangeably, from a design perspective it’s a catastrophic mistake to consider UI and UX as same.

Creating User Experience Design (UX) of a mobile app is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the mobile app. User experience incorporates all aspects of end user interaction with the mobile application. A user experience designer will conduct a research on the mobile apps pertaining to a specific industry and the user requirements that needs to be satisfied.

The User Interface Design (UI) of an application implicates the look and feel of a mobile application. The UI is mainly focused on the presentation of the mobile app. UI Designers are mainly focused on the graphic design of the mobile app.

For the success of a mobile application, it is utmost important that the users have a pleasurable experience while interacting with the mobile as well as they are captivated by the visual appeal of the mobile application. The businesses or start-ups seeking mobile application development must always seek a vendor who can develop a mobile application that is an amalgamation of a result oriented user experience design and an engaging user Interface.

A perfect balance of UI and UX will help in acquiring more number of users for the mobile app as well as keeping them engaged on the app for a long time. In the clutter of mobile applications, user loyalty has become esoteric. If the mobile app users are comfortable interacting with your mobile app and find it useful as well then you have to strike the right cord with your users.


The UI and UX of a mobile application can act as a differentiator and help to establish a unique value proposition for the mobile application. From a business perspective, it is utmost important to have synchronized the UI & UX of the mobile application for customer satisfaction as it will help to generate the revenue and build the reputation of your brand.

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